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Control Prime order volume

Use the Control Prime order volume tab to manage your Seller Fulfilled Prime order volume to ensure that you are able to process all Prime orders in a timely manner.

Enable/Disable Prime

Use this to immediately disable the Prime badge from all of your products. To restore the badge, click again and the Prime badge will reappear on your products.

Note: If a customer had a Seller Fulfilled Prime product in their cart when you disabled Prime, the customer is still able to order this product as Amazon Prime. We understand this is an inconvenience, but we do this to preserve the customer experience. Please ensure that these orders get to the customers on time by fulfilling the Amazon Prime promise.

If your Prime badge is still displaying after you have turned it off by using the Control Prime Order Volume tab or by changing your Prime templates, see Prime badge does not turn off for my ASINs.

Prime order limit per shipping day

Your daily order limit is the number of Amazon Prime orders that you can reliably ship every day.

You can change your daily order limit value at any time. This will override the default value, and your new value will be used going forward until you decide to change it again. Once your daily order limit has been reached, the Prime badge will be disabled from your ASINs. The Prime badge will be restored after you reach your order cut-off time. The daily limit only applies to your Two-Day, One-Day, and Same-Day orders. It does not apply to Prime orders where the customer selects Standard shipping.

Example 1: You have an order cut-off time of 11 a.m. PST. You reach your Prime order limit at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning and your Prime badge is then disabled for all ASINs. Your badge will remain disabled until 11 a.m. PST on that Tuesday, after which the badge will be re-enabled.

At certain times, the orders that need to be fulfilled on any given ship day might exceed the daily limit set by you. This happens because customers might store the product in their cart and place an order at a later point of the day or week. We allow customers to place these types of orders through Prime even when the order limit of the seller is reached. We understand this is an inconvenience, but do this to preserve the customer experience. Please ensure these orders get to the customer on time by fulfilling the Prime promise.

Setting your daily order limit

The limit is not supposed to be your forecasted volume of orders for Seller Fulfilled Prime, but rather your internal capacity to ship orders.

Example 2: You have five employees, each of whom at maximum productivity can do 100 orders per hour. Your operations is open for six hours. Assuming all five employees are working on Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, your Prime order limit will be 5*100*6 = 3,000 orders per day. This is what you should set your limit at. If you are able to increase your staff, then this limit can be increased.

Please evaluate your capacity before you set a limit, and continue to re-evaluate as your business changes.

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