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Minimum and Maximum Price Validation

When you start repricing an SKU, Automate Pricing applies basic validation rules to your minimum and maximum prices, to ensure that your price does not go too high or too low. Our validation rules include the following:

  • Minimum price validation: Your minimum item price must be greater than the minimum referral fees for the product's category; in many cases, $0.50 - $1.00. Learn more about Amazon fees.
  • Maximum price validation: Your maximum item price must be less than 6 times the ASIN's recent sales price or $200.00, whichever is higher. For example, if an ASIN's recent sales price is $10.00, your maximum price must be less than $200.00. If an ASIN's recent sales price is $50.00, your maximum price must be less than $300.00 ($50.00 x 6). If your maximum price falls outside of the maximum price validation rule, we will show you the maximum price allowable in line with your SKU.

    In most cases, if your maximum price is more than 2 times your current price you will not see a maximum price error. For example, if your price is $100.00 and your maximum price is $550.99, you should not see a maximum price error.

You can list your SKU for greater than or less than the Automate Pricing validation rules allow by setting your price manually via Manage Pricing or feeds. If you set your minimum and maximum prices manually in either of these two ways, the Automate Pricing rules will not apply.

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