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Textbook Rental Policy

This Textbook Rental Policy supplements your seller agreement and applies to the offer and sale of rentals and rental extensions for physical books on the applicable Amazon Site (“Textbook Rentals”) throughout the term of your seller agreement.


Approval is required to sell Textbook Rentals on Amazon.

Additional Required Product Information

Customers may rent textbooks pursuant to the Textbook Rental Terms & Conditions, which Amazon may update in its discretion. Customers may extend a Textbook Rental or purchase a rented textbook according to those terms. In addition to the Required Product Information in your seller agreement, each listing for a Textbook Rental must include pricing information for a rental extension and the purchase price for the rented book.

Sales of Textbook Rentals

The definition of “Your Products” in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement includes any Textbook Rental. Sales of Textbook Rentals must be fulfilled exclusively using the Fulfillment by Amazon service. Amazon may process the fulfillment and return of all Textbook Rentals, including but not limited to Textbook Rental return grading, in its discretion.

Fees and Remittance

You agree to pay the Rental Book Service Fee specified on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule for each of Your Transactions that is a Textbook Rental. You also agree that we may remit the Sales Proceeds received by us for rental extensions and purchases of rented books, less all applicable taxes, fees and other charges, on a monthly (or at our option, more frequent) basis. If we determine in our discretion that we are unable to collect payment from a customer for the purchase price of a textbook rented by that customer, we will remit to you 75% of the rental price paid by the customer (the “Partial Remittance”), provided that you will reimburse us the Partial Remittance if the customer returns the rented book or if we are subsequently able to collect payment from the customer.

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