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FBA Inventory Placement Program Terms and Conditions

If you use the Fulfillment by Amazon Service ("FBA Service"), you may elect to participate in our Inventory Placement Service through your seller account. Your participation in the Inventory Placement Service is subject to the terms and conditions on this page, including additional fees, the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (the "Agreement") that you have entered into with Amazon Services LLC, and any other applicable Amazon policies.

Program overview

If you use the default FBA Service (Distributed Inventory Placement) and you create a shipment of inventory to send to Amazon, we may assign units of a product/ASIN to multiple Amazon fulfillment centers. If you elect to participate in the Inventory Placement Service and you create a shipment of inventory to Amazon, we will assign all units of a specific product/ASIN for that shipment to the same Amazon fulfillment center.

Please note: The FBA Inventory Placement program does not assure that your shipments will be routed to one fulfillment center only. This program only ensures that all units of a specific ASIN are routed to the same fulfillment center.

Assigning fulfillment centers

We will determine in our sole discretion the Amazon fulfillment center to which each shipment of a product/ASIN is assigned. The Amazon fulfillment center assigned may be different for each shipment that you create, even when you participate in the Inventory Placement Service. For example, we will generally direct different unit types (such as Standard-Size and Oversize) to different fulfillment centers.

Shipping inventory to us

You will ship units of your products/ASINs to the Amazon fulfillment center(s) we specify in connection with the Inventory Placement Service.

Program fees

Standard-Size per unit (includes all Standard-Size product size tiers)
1 lb. or less $0.30
1 - 2 lb. $0.40
Over 2 lb. $0.40 + 0.10/lb. above the first 2 lb.
Oversize per unit (includes all Oversize product size tiers)
5 lb. or less $1.30
Over 5 lb. $1.30 + $0.20/lb. above the first 5 lb.

Changes to fees or terms

We may modify the fees and/or the terms and conditions that apply to the Inventory Placement Service at any time by providing notice to you as described in the Agreement or any other applicable Amazon policies.

Optional participation

You may discontinue your participation in the Inventory Placement Service by selecting the Distributed Inventory Placement option in your seller account.

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