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Payments Summary

Statement View

This page summarizes your payment information. It shows your current total balance, available funds and recent payouts across all account types. It also allows you to get a breakdown of that balance in an account through a graph that shows:

  • Beginning Balance: The amount carried over from the previous settlement period including account level reserves and failed disbursements (if any).
  • Sales: The amount generated through your orders, consisting of:
    • Product Charges: your price times the quantity sold.
    • Shipping: collected from customers to cover shipment of orders.
    • Tax: sales tax collected from customers.
    • Promo Rebates: charges for any promotion rebates.
    • Other: includes, but not limited to FBA inventory reimbursements, gift wrap credits.
  • Refunds:
    • Refunded Expenses:: amount covering fees charged by Amazon and promo rebates.
    • Refunded Sales: amount covering customer order payments such as product sales, shipping, gift wrap, concessions and tax.
  • Expenses: Charges made to your account consisting of:
    • Amazon Fees: includes, but not limited to, referral fees, monthly professional selling fee (if applicable), FBA fulfillment fees, chargebacks for shipping and gift wrap.
    • FBA Fees: includes, but not limited to non-order fees such as storage of inventory at our fulfillment centers, order removal, and reimbursement and balance adjustments.
    • Cost of Advertising: the cost incurred for advertising.
    • Other: miscellaneous charges which can include coupon redemption fees, Amazon Lending payments.
  • Account Level Reserves: amount of money that is reserved to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfill any claims or chargebacks. Learn more here.

For additional in-depth analysis, you can navigate to the following pages:

  • Transaction View: shows account transactions related to customer orders, refunds and Amazon-initiated charges or credit. Learn more here.
  • Disbursements: shows the amount paid out in each settlement period to your account and the status of your funds. This page also contains Settlement Reports. These reports provide information on all financial transactions for the settlement period, including customer orders, refunds and Amazon-initiated charges or credit. Learn more here.
  • Date Range Report: generates individual transaction reports and summary reports for all transactions within a specified date range. Learn more here.

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