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Product Tax Codes

Tax Calculation Service require both Product Tax Code (PTC) and jurisdiction settings to be configured for calculations to take effect.

Product taxability rules are applied by PTC and are specific to jurisdictions, as outlined in the Amazon Product Tax Code list. A PTC can be assigned at the item or default level.

Default level: The seller-defined default PTC is used to apply a single PTC assignment to multiple offers that do not have an item level PTC already assigned.

To view or edit Default Product Tax Code:

  1. In Seller Central, go to Settings.
  2. Click Tax Settings.
  3. Click View/Edit your Tax Calculation Obligations.
  4. Locate and click Use default Product Tax Code.
  5. Using drop-down, select your seller-defined default Product Tax Code.
  6. Read and click the acknowledgment statement, and then click Review Changes.
  7. Review your Tax Calculation Settings and click Continue.
  8. Read and check the Tax Calculation Service Setup acknowledgments and click Confirm.

Item level: The seller-defined item PTC is used to designate a specific PTC to a single listing, which will override the seller-defined default PTC.

To view or edit item level product tax code:

  1. Go to Manage Inventory.
  2. Click Edit for the individual product.
  3. This will take you to the Edit Product Info page.
  4. In the offer tab locate the Tax Code field.
  5. Assign your seller-defined product tax code.
  6. Click Save and finish.

The following tools are available to assist with updating individual product detail pages:

Tax Calculation Setting updates will become effective within 5 hours but could take as long as 48 hours.

How a Product Tax Code (PTC) is determined at the time of tax calculation

When a PTC is assigned at the seller-defined default level AND the item level, Amazon will use the item level tax code.

When a PTC is assigned at the default level but not at the item level, Amazon will use the seller-defined default PTC.

When a PTC is not assigned at the item or default level, a calculation will be made using the nontaxable PTC A_GEN_NOTAX.

Note: Custom Rate, if configured, will override the taxability rules of PTCs except for A_GEN_NOTAX. To learn more, see Custom Rates.

While Amazon's tax calculation services provide a means to determine and apply taxes to orders, sellers are responsible for reviewing and determining the correct product tax codes, calculation settings and all related information for their products. In addition, sellers are responsible for documenting and paying all taxes to the appropriate taxing authorities for their transactions. This applies to both Amazon-fulfilled and seller-fulfilled products. If you have additional questions about tax calculation, we suggest seeking assistance from your tax adviser.

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