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Variation Relationships for Lighting

Variations allow customers to choose the desired color and size of your product from a single detail page, which you create using parent-child product relationships. Variations provide a cleaner customer buying experience.

Note: If your products currently match with Amazon offers on the detail page, you can skip this section (and please do not use Variation Relationships) because your products will automatically match to an identical product offer.

The best selling child products are the initial display on the detail page and the other variations are displayed when selected by the customer. The child products are related to each parent and the relationship of parent to child is the variation theme: Size, Color, or Size-Color.

There are three components to a parent/child relationship:

  • Parent product: Non-buyable products used to relate child products, for example flashlights
  • Child products: Buyable products related to parent product by size and/or color, such as Blue, Gray, Orange, and Yellow
  • Variation theme: Defines how the products differ from each other, such as size-color.

When creating variations, you must provide information in these required fields:

  • SKU
  • Parentage (identify for that SKU, either "parent" or "child")
  • Parent SKU (for child SKUs only, enter the parent SKU for that child)
  • Relationship Type (enter "variation" if the product is part of a variation set)
  • Color (if appropriate)
  • Size (if appropriate)
  • Variation Theme (size or color or size-color; for size-color the size and color fields must both have values)
  • Fully describe each child product, so they will be included in browse and search results.
  • Add the size and color to the child product title.
  • Use SKUs to build relationships using field for SKU and ParentSKU.
  • List the child offers under the parent SKU in the flat-file or XML.
  • Do not include price and quantity values for parent products.
  • The parent title should not include size or color.
  • Do not choose a variation theme ID other than size, color, or size-color.
  • Do not link any products that are not a variation of size or color to the parent product.
Note: If you enter the Relationship Type and fail to enter the color or size, you might receive an error when uploading your data, or your product might not display properly on the website. Make sure you have entered all required variation fields for your products. If you fail to enter any of the required fields, your products could be suppressed from the website. If you have questions, please contact technical support.

How to create variations for a product

Example detail page for a color variation:

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