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Activate custom BMVD shipping rates

Professional account sellers can now set their own shipping rates for BMVD (books, music, video, and DVD) products, including offering free shipping.

Sellers who have not already migrated to the new shipping settings

If you don't have access to shipping templates on your Shipping settings page, then you have not migrated. Migrate to the new shipping settings to activate the seller-set BMVD shipping rates.

Either during migration, or after migration, navigate to the Migrated Books, Music, Video, or DVD shipping templates and customize your shipping rates as needed.

Sellers already migrated to the new shipping settings

To set your own shipping rates for BMVD, activate the custom BMVD shipping rates feature within your Shipping settings. Upon activation, the shipping rates defined in your shipping templates will take effect for the BMVD products in your catalog. You can prepare the rates for your BMVD SKUs before or after activation by editing your BMVD shipping templates.

To activate custom BMVD shipping rates on your account:

  1. Open Shipping settings.
  2. On the Activate custom shipping rates for Book, Music, Video, and DVD (BMVD) products message, select I understand that taking this action may change my current BMVD shipping rates.
  3. Click Activate.

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