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Migrate to the new shipping settings

Even though we are migrating Professional sellers to the new shipping settings, Amazon recommends you do this yourself to understand the benefits of the new settings. For more information, see Take advantage of the new Shipping Settings.

Migrate your account

  1. Click Take the Tour button at the top of the Shipping Settings page and watch the slide show to learn about the new settings.
  2. After you finish the slide show, click Start Migration. Your default shipping settings will be copied over and the estimated migration time will display alongside.
    1. Your default media (Media Product) shipping settings will be separated by category and your media SKUs will be assigned to their respective templates.
    2. Your account will be migrated across all marketplaces (e.g. US, Canada, and Mexico) where you have an account.
  3. Review your shipping template for each marketplace along with the international transit times. Depending on your shipping country, transit times for international delivery might be adjusted.
  4. Click the Activate button. Activation can take up to a few hours if you have media SKUs in your account, however this will not impact the customers. Your current shipping settings will remain available until activation is complete.

Shipping overrides

Shipping overrides will not be migrated to the new shipping settings. See Migrate accounts with shipping overrides for more information.

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