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Business pricing and quantity discounts FAQs

What is the difference between "price" and "business price"?

"Price" or "standard price" is the price for your product for all Amazon customers. "Business price" is the discounted business price available only to business customers.

What is the difference between a business price and a business-only offer?

You can add a business price to an existing offer that also has a “standard price” available to all Amazon customers. A business-only offer is an offer that has a business price and no standard price.

How do I add a business price to my offer?

You can add and edit business prices and quantity discounts on your listings by using Manage Inventory, feeds, or XML files.

How do I delete a business price from my offer?

You can also delete business prices and quantity discounts on your listings using Manage Inventory, feeds, or XML files. To learn more, see Delete business prices and quantity discounts.

Can a product have a business price and a customer price?

Yes. Business prices exist in addition to the regular customer price, which is available to all customers on Amazon.

Can business customers purchase my product if there is no business price?

Yes. If you do not provide a business price, business customers can purchase at your regular price like other Amazon customers.

Do all sellers on Amazon have the ability to set business pricing?

No. Business pricing is currently available only to sellers participating in the Amazon Business Seller Program.

Can my business price be higher than my regular price?

No. Business prices are discounted prices available only to business customers. Your business price cannot be higher than your regular price. If you submit a business price that is higher than your standard price, your standard price is shown to business customers.

Can I provide a business price but no regular price?

Yes. In that case, only business customers can see and purchase your product; this is a business-only offer.

What is the verification process for business customers?

Business prices are available to registered business customers who have completed the Amazon Business enrollment process.

How can I see my business prices on Amazon?

You must have a business buyer account and an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number, for your business. Sign up for a business buyer account.

What is the difference between the fixed and percent quantity discount models in feeds?

Under the percent model, you can set quantity discounts as a percent off your business price. The fixed price model allows you to set a fixed price per unit at different quantity tiers. It is not a fixed discount amount off the price. If you use the percent model, you can change your business-price later and your quantity tiers will adjust.

How do promotions work with business pricing?

Business prices function as the base price upon which promotions are calculated. For example, if the business price is $10, and a 50% off promotion is applied, the customer is charged $5. This is not the case for deals or sales prices which are distinct prices and separate from your business price.

Are business prices available through procurement networks?

Yes. Business prices are available to customers who purchase through a procurement network. Customer order information, including price, is shared with the procurement network.

If you are unable to process an order report due to the presence of business-specific fields, such as is-business-order, price-designation, purchase-order-number, and so on, contact Seller Support.

Can customers ship orders with quantity discounts to multiple addresses?

Yes, customers are able to ship items in a single purchase to multiple addresses during the checkout process. This includes items with quantity discount pricing applied. When this happens, your order reports show multiple orders for an ASIN placed by the same customer with different ship to addresses and quantity price in the price-designation field.

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