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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Amazon Business Seller program and features.

Note: This feature is available to Amazon Business sellers only.

About the program

What is the Amazon Business Seller program?

The Amazon Business Seller program helps you grow your business-to-business sales on Amazon. As an Amazon Business seller, you receive benefits to help grow your sales to business customers, including the ability to offer products visible only to business customers, differences in search functionality to make it easier for business customers to find your products, and pricing and payment features that simplify buying from you in larger quantities.

What are the main differences between the Amazon Business Seller program and Selling on Amazon?

The Amazon Business Seller program allows sellers to cater to the specific requirements of business customers by providing features optimized for business-to-business transactions.

Who is eligible for the Amazon Business Seller program?

Sellers who have the capability to fulfill the following requirements of business customers.

  • High bar for performance.
    Selling on Amazon Amazon Business Seller program
    • An Order-Defect Rate (ODR) of 1% or less. Learn more
    • Pre-shipment Cancellation Rate of 2.5% or less.
    • Late Shipment Rate of 4% or less.
    • Learn more
    • An Order-Defect Rate (ODR) of 0.5% or less. Learn more
    • Pre-shipment Cancellation Rate of less than 1%.
    • Late Shipment Rate of less than 1%.
    • Few chargebacks, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and negative feedback. Learn more about chargebacks, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and negative feedback.
  • If the seller participates in Amazon's tax calculation services, the seller must honor the customer's tax exemption through the Amazon Tax Exemption Program.
  • There must be a tracking number on every business order package.
  • There must be a packing slip with every business order package.
  • There must be a purchase order number with every business order package.
Note: Requirements for Amazon Business sellers may differ from requirements for Amazon sellers. Learn more about Selling on Amazon requirements.

Who is an Amazon Business customer?

Amazon Business customers have completed the business account registration process and have been verified as businesses.

How do I retain business seller status?

Sellers are expected to conform to a high performance bar. Business sellers must exceed all existing performance thresholds, as shown in the table above. We may establish additional performance requirements specific to business sellers in the future. You can view your current performance in the Account Health section in Seller Central.

How much does it cost to list products as business seller?

Business seller fees are the same as the fees for a professional selling plan with Amazon. Sellers are required to have a professional selling plan to participate in the Amazon Business Seller program, and the associated monthly subscription fee of $39.99 and other selling fees, such as referral fees (which vary by category), apply. See the Selling on Amazon Business Fee Schedule for more information.

How much does it cost to list products as an Amazon Business Seller?

For a limited time, sellers participating in the Amazon Business Seller program pay no additional monthly program fee to participate. For more information on fees, please see the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

We may implement fees specific to the Amazon Business Seller program in the future.

How do I cancel my Amazon Business Seller status?

You may opt out of the Amazon Business Seller program at any point. Please click here to opt-out. This only removes the business-to-business-specific features in your Seller Central account, and does not cancel or impact your Professional seller account and you can continue selling on Amazon.

Can I use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Yes. A seller's FBA inventory can be used to fulfill orders.

Are there fees for using FBA with Amazon Business?

Yes. The Fulfillment by Amazon Fee Schedule applies to business orders fulfilled by Amazon.

What will change in Seller Central for a business seller?

The overall functionality of Seller Central will not change. You will begin to see new business-to-business features in Seller Central. The Seller Credentials program feature is currently available, and in the coming months you will continue to see new features.

Where do I add new business-to-business products?

Add business-to-business products using the same process you use to add products in Seller Central. Learn more.

Where do I manage my business-to-business inventory?

Business-to-business products are managed in Seller Central. Information about products, such as price, product description, and images, can be edited or updated from Seller Central by completing the following steps:

  1. From the Inventory dropdown menu, select Manage Inventory.
  2. In the desired inventory product row, under Actions, select Edit Details.
  3. Select the tab that corresponds to the changes you want to make.
  4. Select Save and Finish.

How can I identify business orders?

You can identify business orders in Manage Orders or in Order Reports.

In Manage Orders:

  1. From the Orders drop-down menu, select Manage Orders.
  2. Look for the Business Buyer label to the right of the Order ID.

In Order Reports:

Business transactions are listed in the is-business-order column.

How do customers view my credentials?

Your credentials, which are only visible to business customers, are showcased on your Seller Profile page as well as on Offer Listing pages and detail pages that accompany your offers.

Why should I participate in the Seller Credential Program?

By participating in the Seller Credential Program, sellers can distinguish themselves to Amazon business customers, many of which are tasked with meeting quality sourcing objectives and corporate social responsibility goals.

Will Amazon help sellers obtain credentials?

Amazon is not a certifying body, nor does Amazon provide assistance to obtain credentials. Sellers are expected to determine their own eligibility requirements for a credential and how best to obtain the appropriate supporting documentation, depending on the credential. A starting point for each credential is provided in the Amazon Business Glossary.

If I already own a credential, how do I assign it to myself in the Seller Credential Program?

Follow the instructions in Become a Credentialed Amazon Business Seller to choose from a list of credentials to claim (assign to yourself) and provide the necessary supporting information. Depending on the credential, you will need to provide a picture of a physical certificate, or a business identifier number (such as a DUNS Number).

How will business customers find sellers' credentials?

Credentials will be exposed to customers throughout the customer's shopping experience. Additionally, a list of each seller's credentials will be displayed prominently on the At-a-Glance page.

Who can see my credentials?

Seller credentials are only visible to Amazon business customers and business sellers.

How does Amazon choose the credentials it supports?

The credentials are generally chosen based on general business relevance to a significant portion of businesses, the ability of an individual to verify a credential, and direct feedback from Amazon business customers and business sellers.

What kind of information do I need to provide in order to claim a credential?

Generally, sellers need to provide information that would allow a buyer to independently verify that a seller has been awarded a credential. All credentials must be issued and/or registered under a reputable third-party entity, such as an accredited or authoritative certifier or government entity. Sellers provide proof of issuance in the form of a physically issued documentation (digital image) or a reference to a third-party entity's site (when available).

Though the type of information provided depends on the particular credential being claimed, sellers should be prepared to have the following types of information available:

  • Certificates issued by an authoritative or accredited certifying body
  • Formal letters of recognition by a government entity
  • DUNS Number, referencing formal registrations of status within a government entity; specifically, the Small Business Administration's Dynamic Small Business Search Database (DSBS) and the Department of Veteran Affairs' Vendor Information Pages (

Will Amazon consider a particular credential or form of supporting information in the future?

Provide direct feedback and recommendations regarding seller credentials by selecting Tell us about your credential on the Credentials and Certifications page (from Seller Central, select Settings, then Your Info & Policies).

How can I learn more about a particular credential?

Information about particular credentials can be found in the Amazon Business Glossary.

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