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Tax Information in Seller Reports

Professional seller using Tax Calculation Service

Sellers who have configured Tax Calculation Service have access to the Sales Tax Report. This report provides detailed tax information for your sales where calculations were performed.

To access tax reports navigate to Seller Central:

  • Go to Reports tab and click Tax Document Library.
  • Under Sales Tax Reports click Generate a tax report.
  • In the Generate Sales Tax Report pop-up select reporting range, either by month or customize by date.
Note: If you have not configured Tax Calculation Service, tax will not be calculated on your orders. You can Set Up Tax Calculation Services at any time. For more information, visit Tax Calculation Services

Individual sellers

Individual sellers are not eligible for Tax Calculation Service and do not have access to the Sales Tax Reports. To learn more about Tax Calculation Service, Switch to a Professional Selling Plan.

Note: Additional reporting options are available within Seller Central under Reports

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