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Upload your inventory file

When your bulk inventory file is complete, upload it by going to the Add Products via Upload page.

Individual sellers: This feature is only available to sellers with a Professional selling plan. Learn more by visiting Selling plan comparison.

Note: Fulfillment by Amazon feeds.If you are uploading inventory for Fulfillment by Amazon, follow additional instructions provided in List FBA products in bulk.

After you build or modify your inventory file, you are ready to upload the tab-delimited text (.txt) file. For more information, see Add your product information to an inventory file and Modify Your Inventory File.

Follow these steps to upload the file:

  1. Under Inventory on Seller Central, click Add Products via Upload.
    Note: If you have a North America Unified Account, check the website selected in the Marketplace Switcher to make sure you upload inventory files to the correct website. Also, check your file to be sure the Quantity value is greater than 0 (zero) for listings that use a global SKU. If you change the quantity to 0 in one marketplace, the listing will be removed from all Amazon North America marketplaces.
  2. Click the Upload your inventory file tab. In Upload File box, drag and drop the inventory file (You could click Browse files instead). When file is selected, the status bar will load from 0 to 100%, validating the file.
    Note: Validation completed status does not finish upload process.

    Once file validation is complete, File type is auto-detected for most cases, except inventory loader and non-Amazon files. If the File type is not auto-selected, use the drop-down menu to select your file type.

    If you are using a product file to create new pages in the Amazon catalog, you will usually choose the first option for Inventory files for specific categories.

    Once you confirm all the information on the page, click Upload file at the bottom of the page.

    Note: For Media Product files and Inventory Loader files, the upload box will contain additional options for shipping settings. For more information about using these options, see Ship BMVD Products.
  3. If required, you can purge and replace your inventory. Submitting an inventory file in purge and replace will delete all of your listings and subsequently add the listings provided in your submitted file.

    On the right upper corner of Upload File box, click Purge and replace your inventory option, now drag and drop the inventory file. You could click Browse files instead and select the excel file or tab-delimited text file (*.txt) you created earlier.

  4. After you select your file, follow the same as mentioned in step 2 to process Purge and Replace upload. Once you confirm all the information on the page, click Purge and Replace. When you upload your file, a status box confirms that your file has been received.

Note: Every time you upload a text file, our system creates and posts a processing report with specific errors, if any, encountered during processing.

The Monitor upload status displays the date, time, batch ID, status, and link to the processing report of your most recent completed uploads. If your inventory file upload has not completed processing, the Upload status column shows the status as In progress.

You can click the Monitor upload status tab to refresh the page and see the latest status. After your file is processed, the Upload status column shows updated information, along with the Actions available. For more information on understanding the results of your upload, see Review my inventory results.

If any products are not activated due to errors, click the View processing report link to download the associated processing report. Use this report to diagnose and correct errors in the file you uploaded. When you are ready to upload the edited file, click the Return to upload page link, and re-upload your file. Go to Review processing reports to learn more.

Access the upload results

From the Monitor upload status tab on the Add products via upload page, access the upload status report for your file in the Review file status and history section. The last 100 uploads are available.

Upload your inventory file

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