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Use UIEE Format to List Books

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.
Note: An ISBN or EAN (ISBN-13) is required when uploading listings for books published in or after 1973. If your book was published after 1972 but does not have an ISBN or EAN, please see Books ISBN Requirements and Exemptions for more information. The publication date should be the latest date on the copyright page and NOT the original date of publication.

Book sellers with data files in the Universal Information Exchange Environment (UIEE) format can use this format as an alternative to the Standard Book Loader file.

Note: There are several popular database applications currently used by booksellers to export files in UIEE format. These applications include HomeBase, BookTrakker Pro, and Record Manager, among others. Amazon does not endorse any one UIEE vendor.

UIEE fields

The UIEE format differs from an Amazon Inventory File in that each field in a UIEE file is identified by two letters and a pipe (the keyboard symbol that looks like a vertical line) followed by the data. For example, "AA| Author," would appear as "AA| J.K. Rowling."

A typical UIEE export file processed by Amazon will contain records in a standard format. Below is a typical set of UIEE codes, and their definitions.

  • UR| SKU
  • AA| Author
  • TI| Title
  • CN| Condition
  • AI| Illustrator
  • MT| Category
  • PU| Publisher
  • PP| Place of Publication
  • DP| Date of Publication
  • ED| Edition
  • SE| Series Volume
  • BD| Binding*
  • JK| Jacket Condition
  • NT| Comments or Item Notes
  • KE| Keyword
  • PR| Price
  • XB| 1=Add, 2-7=Delete
Note: Some programs use XD| S=For Sale. The W code, for Wants, will be ignored

*For a list of accepted binding types, please see the "Valid Values" worksheet in the Book Loader Template.

Add ISBNs to UIEE files

For books with ISBNs, enter the ISBN number in the NT| Comments or Item Notes field and include it within the first 200 characters. Do not use the "BN" field if it is available, since Amazon's system does not use this field when reading UIEE files.

If you export your listing data to a UIEE file and do not have an ISBN in your NT field, our system will use the ISBN matching functionality to search for matching catalog pages.

Add attributes for collectible books

When listing collectible book offers on Amazon using UIEE, you must include the word "collectible" in the item CN| Condition Note field; for example, collectible-very good, collectible-good, and so on. Additionally, you must obtain approval to list in the Collectible Books category. See our requirements for Collectible Books.

Sellers listing in the Collectible Books category can provide information in existing UIEE fields for display to buyers in the "Condition" column of the Offer Listing Page. The special attributes and their corresponding UIEE field are:

  Definition UIEE field code
Signed by The contributor role of the signer. NT| Comments or Item Notes
Collectible edition The collectible edition and printing of the offering. ED| Collectible Edition
Dust jacket condition The condition of the dust jacket. JK| Dust Jacket

For more information, see Collectible Books Listing Attributes.

Use the SE field for volume information

If the book you are listing is a single volume out of a set, enter the number or identifier of the book's volume in the SE| Series Volume field with. Enter a single number or identifier, and do not include dashes for volume identifiers that have both numbers and letters. When listing multiple volumes from an incomplete set, each volume must be listed as a single volume.

If you are listing a complete set of books, leave the SE| Series Volume field empty and the full set will be implied. Use the TI| Title field to indicate the total number of volumes in a full set.

If you are listing a book with no volume information, leave the SE| Series Volume field blank when creating your file.

Set shipping settings for UIEE

The UIEE file format does not include a field to set the shipping settings for individual listings. The shipping options for all listings in a UIEE file upload will be the same. To set different shipping options for specific books, upload them in a separate UIEE file. For example, you could have one batch of books uploaded in a single file for Domestic Standard and a second file could include books that are eligible for Domestic Standard and Domestic Expedited. You can set the shipping settings for each file upload when you upload your file from the Add Products via Upload page. When you select the UIEE File for Books option under Upload inventory fields your Optional BMVD Shipping Settings will appear with your default shipping settings. You can then select the shipping options you want to apply to all listings in your UIEE file.

Learn more about hot to Ship BMVD Products

Alternatively, you can upload your UIEE file with the default settings then request a report with your listing data from You can then modify the report file to customize the shipping options for each listing and upload the file to update your listings with the new shipping settings.

Learn more about Using Reports to Update Inventory.

Export files in UIEE format

Before sending an inventory feed, you will need to export listings from your database in UIEE catalog format. For directions on exporting in UIEE format, please consult the Help instructions for your software or contact your software provider.

When you have completed the export, note the name of the file you saved and where you saved it. You will need this information to upload the file to Amazon.

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