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Inventory templates for product categories

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

Each product belongs in a certain category on Amazon. Follow the steps below to learn in which category your product belongs, which template file to download, how to complete the file, and where to upload the completed version.

  1. Choose a category for your product. To identify the right classifications for your products, use the Product Classifier in the Add Products via Upload page under Step 1: Select the Types of Products You Want to Sell.
    Note: The class names do not necessarily correspond with the category names on Amazon.
  2. Browse for the classification of your product using the category lists and click Select. You can find your selection under Summary of your selected products section.
    Note: You can also use the Search tool for specific categories using the search field at the top of the classifier. You can make multiple selections if you are selling products with different classifications. A lock sign next to a product indicates you need approval to sell this product on Amazon. For more information, see Categories and products requiring approval.
  3. Go to Step 2: Select the Type of Template, and select a mode for your template type. For more information on the template types, see Create your inventory file template.
  4. Click Generate Template. The generated template will download to your browser and you can save a copy to your local hard drive.

    Alternatively, you can also download the category-specific inventory template from the Inventory Files table. Download the inventory template file for your category from the table below (You are registered with Release Package 4.1) to your computer and open it using a spreadsheet program.

    Note: You can use one template to list information for different types of products across multiple categories.
  5. Using the classification summary from the Product Classifier, fill out the inventory template file. Learn how to Add Product Data to Your Inventory File.
    Note: Keep a backup copy of your completed inventory file on your computer for future reference.
  6. Upload your inventory template file using Add Products via Upload.
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