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Amazon Partnered Carrier program FAQ

Do I need to have a dock door or forklift to use the program’s less-than-truckload (LTL) service?

Partnered carriers can pick up pallets from locations that do not have dock doors or forklifts, as long as the shipment consists of fewer than 12 pallets and weighs less than 20,000 lb. Just ask the carrier to send a truck with a liftgate. If you ask for liftgate service, you may experience a delay in pickup depending on whether the carrier has a liftgate truck available right away.

Note: Be sure to place your shipment on pallets where the carrier will pick them up. The carrier will not be able to move pallets to the truck.

Can I get the same trucking company for all of my LTL shipments?

Amazon uses multiple carriers and selects them based on their available capacity and cost. Because of this, sellers are not able to select a specific carrier for all their shipments. The bill of lading (BOL) and tender confirmation notification has the details about the confirmed carrier for your shipment.

Do I need a minimum number of packages or pallets to use the Partnered Carrier LTL service?

Partnered carriers do not require a minimum number of pallets. And as long as your small parcel shipment weighs more than 250 lb, you may find that the Partnered Carrier LTL program is less expensive than other shipping options.

I ship my products to Amazon directly from the manufacturer or distributor. Can I still use the Partnered Carrier program?

Yes. All you need are the shipment details while creating the shipment in Seller Central.

For example, if you want to use the Partnered Carrier Small Parcel Delivery service, you will need to know the number of boxes and the accurate weight and dimensions of each box to get an estimated rate and print shipping labels. Enter the manufacturer’s address as the “ship from” location. Once you print the labels, send them to your manufacturer.

Can I get the scheduled pickup from my local UPS office if I use the Partnered Carrier Small Parcel Delivery service?

Amazon does not schedule pickup for the Partnered Carrier Small Parcel Delivery service. However, you can schedule pickup with your local UPS online or by phone. You will need the tracking ID.

Can I get a confirmation receipt from UPS after the driver picks up my Partnered Carrier shipment?

Yes, you can get a confirmation receipt from UPS drivers. Drivers scan all packages at the seller’s location during pickup. This “origin scan” is the official record that the UPS has possession of the shipment, but you may want to get a confirmation receipt as well. You can see the origin scan as part of the tracking history on the Seller Central Shipment Summary page under the Track Shipment tab, as well as on the shipment tracking tool on the UPS website.

Are there any restrictions on my pickup location for the Partnered Carrier LTL program?

Partnered carriers are not able to pick up from any ocean shipping terminal or port location. You will need to transfer your products to a shipping location outside of the terminal or port that can accommodate the carrier’s equipment.

What if my ship from address is in Hawaii or Alaska?

Partnered carriers only cover shipments that are shipped to and from the 48 contiguous United States. For shipments that are sent from or to a region outside of the 48 contiguous United States, you will need to send your shipment with your own carrier.

What if my shipment contains dangerous goods (also called hazardous materials or hazmat) or my product is not yet classified as dangerous goods?

We require that you provide specific dangerous goods information and documentation, even if your product is not regulated as dangerous goods. Dangerous goods are prohibited on Partnered Carrier shipments and you will need to send any shipment that contains dangerous goods with your own carrier. See Required dangerous goods information and documentation for more details.

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