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This article applies to selling in: United States

Selling Media Products (US & CA)

Selling Media Products (US & CA)

This policy applies to the following Media products: video DVDs, video games, and music CDs.

To list media products on and

  • For Domestic Media listings: The "domestic version" of video DVDs, video games, or music CDs are products that were sourced from within the US or Canada, and/or are coded for Region 1. The ASINs for domestic versions do not need to specify the source country or regional version in the ASIN title.

    Example of Domestic Media ASINs: Note that the Title name must be mentioned without additional details about import or region specifics.

  • For International Media Versions: An "international version" is any of the above- mentioned media products (video DVDs, video games, or music CDs) that has been imported from outside the US or Canada, and/or are coded for regions besides Region 1. All media products that were developed and distributed for a specific country or region other than the US or CA are considered an international version in the US and CA. It must be listed on ASINs specific to the source region and must be separated from the domestic (Region 1/North America) ASIN of that product (that is, European video DVDs should be listed on the ASIN that specifies "import" and/or the regional version on the detail page and the ASIN title.).

    Example of an International Version ASIN: Note the Title name and Region or Import version must be mentioned in parenthesis or brackets.

How to identify whether your products are international versions or domestic versions?

Check your invoice –If the supplier or distributor listed is located in US or CA, then it is considered domestic unless the invoice specifies the region or country of the product in the line item description. For example, an invoice for a video DVD shows the supplier is located in Europe, then it is a European version unless the invoice specifies that the products on the invoice are for another region or country such as North America or the US.

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