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Date Range Reports

The Date Range Reports page generates individual transaction reports and summary reports for orders within a specific range based on the date you marked the orders as shipped.

To see additional account activity, go to All Statements summary report.

Important: The Date Range Reports capture all the transactions between the first report date at 12:00 a.m. to the last report date at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

Follow these steps to generate a custom date range report:

  1. On the Date Range Reports tab of your Payments Report, click Generate Report.
  2. In the Generate date range report dialog box:
    1. Select the report type.
      • A Summary Report (PDF) is an overview of financial activity in your seller account during a specific date range.
      • A Transaction Report (CSV) is a detailed list of the transactions that occurred in your seller account during a specific date range.
    2. Select the Month or Custom reporting range.
      • To generate a monthly report, select a month and year from the Month drop-down list. You can select a previous month or a future month that includes days up to a year in the future.
      • To generate a custom report, use the date pickers to specify the date range for your report.
        Note: If you select a date range in the future, you can set the report to recur after the end date. Reports can be generated for upto 365 days at a time going as far back as 2012.
  3. Click Generate. Reports can take up to 1 hour to generate. If you do not see your report in the list yet, check again later.

Scheduled reports will be marked Scheduled in the table. To cancel a report, click Cancel.

A Date Range Report can include the Federal Automated Clearing House (ACH) Trace ID assigned to your fund transfer. If it has been more than 5 business days since Amazon initiated the transfer, your bank can use the Trace ID to research the status of the deposit.

A Transaction-level Date Range Report can includes the following columns. Note that columns in the report might vary by country.

Column Description
Date / Time The date/time associated with transaction.
Settlement ID The settlement group associated with the transaction.
Type The transaction type which includes orders, refunds, fees, transfers and adjustments.
Order ID The ID generated when a customer places an order. (if applicable)
SKU The product SKU associated with the transaction. (if applicable)
Description The product description associated with transaction.
Quantity The quantity of product in customer order.
Marketplace The marketplace of sale.
Fulfillment The fulfillment method, i.e. seller-fulfilled or Amazon-fulfilled.
Order City The city where customer order will be shipped to.
Order State The prefecture where customer order will be shipped to.
Order Post Code The postal code where customer order will be shipped to.
Tax Collection Model The model by which Amazon collects taxes owed to tax authorities. (if applicable)
Product Sales The amount of your sales for product in associated order.
Product Sales Tax The sales tax collected from buyers for product sales.
Shipping Credits The amount paid by buyers for shipping.
Shipping Credits Tax The sales tax collected from buyers for shipping.
Gift Wrap Credits The amount paid by buyers for gift wrap.
Gift Wrap Credits Tax The sales tax collected from buyers for gift wrap.
Promotional Rebate The amount deducted from your account balance for promotional offerings.
Promotional Rebate Tax The sales tax collected from buyers for promotional rebates.
Marketplace Withheld Tax

The amount collected by Amazon to remit to tax authority. (applicable in Mexico and certain jurisdictions in Canada and US)

Amazon is a marketplace facilitator for third party sales facilitated through our store and is responsible to calculate, collect, remit, and refund sales and use tax on orders shipped to a jurisdiction (state, county, city, district) that has enacted marketplace facilitator or similar laws.

Selling Fees The fees charged for Selling on Amazon, including variable closing fees and referral fees.
FBA Fees The fees charged for order fulfillment, including variable closing fees and referral fees on orders fulfilled by Amazon.
Other Transaction Fees Other fees charged for Selling on Amazon, including sales tax collection fees, per-item fees, and referral fees.
Other Other adjustments to your account such as disbursements
Total The change in your seller balance as a result of the transaction.

Note: Click here to learn more about collecting sales tax

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