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Removal Shipment Detail Report

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This report provides shipment details for removal orders including carrier and tracking ID information. All returns that have been shipped will include quantity and product information. This report does not contain information for removals that have been disposed of or cancelled. For disposals and cancellations, please use the Removal Order Detail report. View the Removal Shipment Detail report.

Download Header Description Example
removal-date The date the removal order was submitted. 2003-07-14T18:53:56+ 00 :00
order-id A unique identifier, either system-generated or supplied for the order by the Merchant. my-order
shipment-date The date the shipment was completed (shipped) by the fulfillment center. 2003-07-14T18:53:56+ 00 :00
sku Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify each seller's products. SKUs are assigned by the seller. AB-8675309
fnsku A unique identifier assigned by Amazon to products stored in and fulfilled from an Amazon fulfillment center. X00000E5TX
disposition The status of the unit. sellable
quantity shipped The number of units of this product that were shipped with this return. 99
carrier The name of the carrier the package was shipped with. Multiple carriers may be used for a single removal order. ABF
tracking-number The carrier's tracking number for the package, if available. Multiple tracking IDs may exist for a single removal order. 1Z861E7F0340512285
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