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Classify your products with Product Classifier

Product classification helps customers find your products when they are searching on Amazon. To identify the right classifications for your products, use the Product Classifier.

  1. Go to the Add Products via Upload page within the Inventory tab.
  2. Under Step 1: Select the Types of Products You Want to Sell, you will find the Product Classifier.
  3. Browse for the classification of your product using the category lists and click Select.
    Note: You can also use the Search tool for specific categories using the search field at the top of the classifier. You can make multiple selections if you are selling products with different classifications.
  4. Once you finish selecting the appropriate classification for your product, go to Step 2: Select the Type of Template, and select a mode for your template type. For more information on the template types, see Create your inventory file template.
  5. Click Generate Template.

The generated template will download to your browser and you can save a copy to your local hard drive.

Amazon uses values provided by sellers to determine where listings appear in the Amazon catalog. If this information is missing or incorrect, customers will have a difficult time finding, comparing, and purchasing your products.

Watch the following videos for more information on the process for classifying and uploading your products using the Inventory File Templates:

Bulk Inventory Uploads for New Sellers

Bulk Inventory Uploads for Advanced Sellers

Once you have generated your template you can populate your inventory file template or XML feed with the classifications that match your SKUs and with other offer data. Sellers using XML feeds can use an XML upload.

Note: If you previously used a Browse Tree Guide, the files are still available. However, we recommend you transition to the Product Classifier, which includes the most current and accurate information on the Amazon website structure. For more information, see Classify your products using Browse Tree Guides.

Populate the classification fields in your inventory file

To add your selected classifications to your inventory file template files:

  1. Open the inventory file, and select the Template tab.
  2. For each row of the template (which represents one SKU) start by selecting a Product Type in the first column of that row from the dropdown of valid values.
  3. Then select the Item Type Keyword in the same row from the dropdown of valid values.
Note: If you would like to list a product with a different Product Type you may have to generate a new template that includes that Product Type to ensure that all required attributes are present in the file.
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