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FBA Export fees

On this page you will learn how much it will cost to enable your Fulfillment by Amazon (using FBA Export) inventory for export both on Amazon and through other web sites (using Multi-Channel Fulfillment).

Only Standard-Size1 Units are eligible for FBA Export. Oversize Units cannot be exported.

  • FBA Export (through Amazon):For international orders on Amazon there are no additional fees. Standard-Size Media order fulfillment fees apply.
  • FBA Export (Multi-Channel Fulfillment): For international orders through Multi-Channel Fulfillment, use the following table to determine the cost of fulfillment.

Standard-Size1 Units Americas Africa & Middle East Asia & Oceana Europe
Order Handling - Per Order $13.65 $13.65 $13.65 $13.65
Pick & Pack - Per Unit $0.60 $0.60 $0.60 $0.60
Weight Handling - Per lb.* First 15 lb. $2.40 $3.60 $3.00 $2.20
+ next 16 - 20 lb. $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 $0.50

*Total shipment weight is calculated by adding a dunnage factor of 10 percent to the combined total of the individual Unit weight of each Unit in the shipment, then rounding up to the nearest pound.

Multiple Units in a single order

If you submit an order for multiple Units going to the same international address and those Units ship together, the combined weight will be used to determine the weight handling fee. If the Units are split up among different shipments the weight of each shipment will be calculated separately.


A seller submits a Multi-Channel Fulfillment order of four books going to Europe that weighs 17 lb.

One Shipment
Order Handling All four books included in one shipment to the same address $13.65
Pick & Pack 4 books x $0.60 each = $2.40
Weight Handling Shipment weight = 17 lb. + 1.7 lb. (10% dunnage) or 18.7 lb. Round up to nearest pound. 19 lb.
First 15 lb. $2.20 x 15 = $33.00
Remaining 4 lb. $0.50 x 4 = $2.00
Total $51.05

Learn more about FBA Export.

1A Standard-Size Unit is any packaged Unit that is 20 lb. or less with its longest side 18 inches or less, its shortest side 8 inches or less, and its median side 14 inches or less. A Unit exceeding any of these dimensions is Oversize.

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