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Listing quality

High-quality listings help improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to find, evaluate, and purchase your products. The detail page contains the key information a customer needs to make an informed purchasing decision. When appropriate fields are populated with quality information, the detail page may display higher in search results, which increases the odds of a customer clicking to view. The presence of quality information may also makes it more likely that a customer will purchase the product. For additional information, refer to the following guidelines:

Basic product information

High-quality listings begin with basic information: images, brands, and descriptions.

  • Images

    The presence of a quality image is an important element that helps a customer choose one search result over another. Images help them to visually evaluate and compare key features and suitability of products. Multiple images enable them to see all angles of the product, further enriching their purchasing experience.

    Note: Images should have a white background and fill at least 85% of the image space.

  • Brand

    The brand provides customers with another attribute that can serve as a basis for their purchasing decision as it allows them to filter search results. If customers filter by brand and your listing is missing the brand designation—even if it is included in the description—the customers may never find your listing.

  • Descriptions

    Provide the details that customers use to compare similar products and make buying decisions. It should contain detailed information about the features and usage of the product as well as highlight specific product information not located elsewhere on the page.

Detailed product information

Detailed information—such as size, manufacturer part number, and material type—can help customers find your listings:

  • Size, such as shoe size, allows customers to fine-tune search results and more quickly find and buy the products that fit their needs.
  • Material type, such as silk for clothing or canvas for a backpack, allows customers to narrow their search based on material preference.

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