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Replacements report (overview)

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This report shows replacements issued to customers for completed orders. View the Replacements report.

Please allow 24 hours for the report to be updated.

Field Definitions

Online Header Download Header Description
Date shipment-date DD-MON-YYYY. Date of free replacement shipment
Merchant SKU sku Seller’s item identifier
ASIN asin Amazon Standard Inventory Number
Warehouse ID fulfillment-center-id Fulfillment center shipping this unit.
Original Warehouse ID original-fulfillment-center-id Original fulfillment center shipping free replaced item.
Quantity quantity Units shipped in replacement shipment
Replacement Reason Code replacement-reason-code Reason for replacement: see Free Replacement Reasons
Replacement Customer Order Id replacement-customer-order-id Order ID of the replacement order
Original Customer Order ID original-amazon-order-id Order ID of original shipment

Free Replacement Reasons

Code Reason
0 Other
1 Was lost
2 Defective
3 Damaged in shipping
4 Shipped wrong item
5 Item missing from shipment
6 Lost by shipper
7 Catalog error/wrong item ordered
8 Shipped to wrong address
9 Delivery problem (correct address)
10 Damaged due to DC/FC handling
11 Shipment in cleanup: item not received
12 Policy exception/customer error
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