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Late shipment rate

The late shipment rate (LSR) represents orders ship confirmed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders, over both a 10-day or a 30-day period. LSR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

Late shipment rate policy

Our policy is that sellers should maintain an LSR under 4% in order to sell on Amazon. An LSR above 4% may result in deactivation of seller-fulfilled offers.

If your seller-fulfilled offers are deactivated due to not meeting the LSR requirement, you will receive a Performance notification in Seller Central. Within the notification, you will find steps on how to submit a plan of action (POA) for reinstatement.

Late shipment rate calculation

The late shipment rate is the number of seller-fulfilled orders that are ship confirmed after the expected ship date divided by the number of seller-fulfilled orders in the time period of interest.

Tracking number validation

Amazon will validate tracking details, including carrier name and tracking ID, for all seller-fulfilled packages.

You have to provide the following information when confirming a shipment:

  • The name of the carrier
  • The specific delivery service used for all seller-fulfilled orders
  • The tracking ID for all seller-fulfilled orders that are shipped with a tracking method

Maintaining a healthy late shipment rate

  • Ship orders on or before the expected ship date.
  • Confirm orders as soon as you hand the package over to the carrier.
  • Always monitor your late shipment score.

It is important to confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their shipped orders online. Orders that are ship confirmed late may negatively impact customer experience and lead to increased claims, negative feedback or customer contacts, or both.

Note: Expected ship dates are adjusted for national holidays.

Best practices to successfully upload tracking information

  • For the tracking number, verify:
    • You entered the tracking number correctly.
    • You did not leave the tracking information blank.
    • You did not enter special characters (such as punctuation) in the tracking information, which our system cannot recognize.
  • For the carrier name and delivery service, verify:
    • You selected a carrier and delivery service from the drop-down menu in the Manage Orders page.
    • Confirm multiple order shipments with feeds.
    • You entered the correct carrier name. If the carrier name is misspelled, entered in a different language, or contains any extra words, the tracking will be marked as invalid.
    • The carrier name you entered is associated with the tracking number you entered. For example, if you use DHL to deliver a package, but enter “FedEx” as the carrier name, the tracking will be marked as invalid.
    • You are using a carrier that is integrated with Amazon.
  • Shipping confirmation and update:
    • Make sure to confirm or update the tracking information before the order is delivered.
      • If the tracking information is confirmed or updated after the order is delivered, that means the customer was not able to track the order. This is not useful to the customer, and the order will not count toward your valid tracking rate metric.

Viewing your late shipment rate metric and report

To view your late shipment rate and download your LSR report:

  1. Go to the Account Health page.
  2. In the Shipping Performance section, click View details.
  3. Select the Late Shipment Rate tab. Scroll down and click the Download Report button.

Edit the tracking information

Before the delivery date, you can edit the order’s tracking information.

  1. Go to Orders, and then Manage Orders.
  2. Enter the Order ID into the Advanced Search.
  3. Once you find the correct order, click Edit Shipment and provide the revised tracking information.
  4. Click Re-confirm the shipment.

Allow 72 hours for the report and metric to reflect the changes.

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