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Small parcel delivery to Amazon

On this page, you will learn about the shipping requirements that apply to small parcel deliveries to Amazon fulfillment centers.

  • Small parcel deliveries (SPDs) consist of units packed in individual boxes, and each box is individually labeled for delivery. These are normally smaller shipments that are sent via DHL, UPS, FedEx, or local postal services.
  • Small parcel delivery (SPD) with a partnered carrier: 200-box limit per shipment.
  • Small parcel delivery (SPD) with a non-partnered carrier: 500-box limit per shipment.

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Note: While creating your shipment, ensure you are selecting the correct shipping method for your shipment. Shipments sent under a different or multiple shipping methods or carriers may experience issues while requesting a delivery appointment or may be refused at pickup.

Watch this brief video for examples of how to prepare your boxes for shipment to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Shipment packing guidelines

If you receive your inventory from your supplier on a pallet, do not assume the boxes can be used for small parcel delivery as is. The standard box and inner packing used for less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) pallet shipments may not be able to withstand the standard shipping process for small parcel shipping, because this packing is designed for bulk pallet shipments going to brick and mortar retail stores. If these units are damaged during small parcel delivery, you may be responsible for damaged units that are not appropriately boxed and packaged to meet these standards.

Guidelines for carriers

Label boxes

  • Print the full set of labels. Because each label is unique, do not photocopy, reuse, or modify labels for use on additional boxes.
  • All small parcel delivery boxes must have shipment labels, and shipment labels must not include other messaging. If you are reusing boxes from previous shipments, be sure to remove or cover any other shipment labels, barcodes, or markings.
  • Shipment labels must be consistently placed in a way that is easy to see, either on the top or side of the box. Side placement is preferred.
  • Do not place shipment labels on the seam of the box where they could be damaged when the box is opened, making the barcodes unscannable.
  • Whenever possible, place shipment labels no closer than 1.25 inches from any edge of the box. The tape used to seal the box should not cover the shipment labels.

Learn more about Shipment label requirements.

Additional requirements for Amazon Partnered Shipments

If you are using one of Amazon's partnered carriers, you must enter accurate dimensional data for your small parcel delivery boxes. These dimensions are used to calculate dimensional weight, which may be used to determine fees if the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight. For more information, see Amazon Partnered Carrier options.

Important: Your actual shipping charges may be higher than the amount we estimate when you create a shipment for the Partnered Carrier program if the carrier determines that the dimensional data you provided is incorrect.
Important: Accurate box weight and dimensions are required for all shipments, even if you opt to not provide box content information in Seller Central.

Learn more about weight and measurement requirements.

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