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FBA Export

Note: Any Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)-related information on this page applies to sellers who sell internationally on the site. If you want to list and sell your products on any of our other marketplaces, visit Amazon Global Selling.

At no extra charge, the FBA Export program can help you expand your business to more than 100 countries and regions.

  • International customers from more than 100 countries and regions can visit your home marketplace and shop for products that are eligible for FBA Export.
  • Amazon helps you identify which of your products are eligible for FBA Export, fulfills your international orders, handles import duty and customs clearance, and ships your product to the international buyer’s address.
  • International buyers pay international shipping costs and customs duty. There is no extra cost to you to fulfill FBA Export orders.
  • You can exclude products and you can exclude countries from FBA Export.
  • Amazon’s return policies are used to determine whether a unit fulfilled through FBA Export is eligible to be returned.
  • You use product listings in your Seller Central account to sell FBA Export-eligible products to international customers shopping on Except on Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders, sellers do not pay additional fees to use FBA Export. For more information, visit FBA Export fees.
Note: For using FBA Export, please make sure that all FBA export-eligible products can be lawfully exported without any license or other authorization, and they can be lawfully imported into, and comply with all applicable laws of, any FBA export-eligible country.

FBA Export enrollment

Most sellers are enrolled automatically in FBA Export by default. To check your FBA Export enrollment status, click Fulfillment by Amazon in the Settings drop-down menu and go to the Export Settings group.

You can enable or disable FBA Export in Export Settings at any time.

By using FBA Export, you authorize Amazon to sign a commercial invoice on your behalf for each FBA Export shipment. This commercial invoice will itemize and describe the contents of the shipment and authorize brokers and other third parties to execute additional documents necessary for the export of your products.

Exclude countries or products from FBA Export shipments

You can change the FBA Export settings to meet your business needs by excluding countries, excluding products, or excluding some products from some countries.

To exclude countries:

  1. In the Settings drop-down menu, click Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. Go to Export Settings and click Edit.
  3. In the Shipping restrictions section, click Edit, select the countries you want to exclude, and click Save.

To exclude individual products from some or all countries:

  1. In the Settings drop-down menu, click Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. Go to Export Settings and click Edit.
  3. Click Exclude products.
  4. Download the FBA Export exclusion file and follow the instructions in the file to exclude individual products from a country or region.

    You can exclude up to 1 million non-media products through file upload.

    You can edit, add, or remove products from the FBA Export exclusion list at any time.

Eligible products

For a list of products from your FBA inventory that are eligible for FBA Export, go to the Reports tab, click Fulfillment, and under Inventory click Show more to access the Exportable Inventory report. You can check the list, even if you have FBA Export disabled. We update this report periodically, so if you have no exportable products now, check again later.

Note: You can ship music, videos, and DVDs to Canada. You cannot ship books from the US to Canada.

Products may not be eligible for FBA Export for a variety of reasons, including:

Export restrictions:

For certain classes of products, the laws of the source country prohibit the items from shipping internationally. For example, the US government prohibits export of military products as a matter of national security. The following types of products are generally restricted for export:

  • Weapons and imitation weapons
  • Plants, plant products, seeds, and soil
  • Animals and certain animal products
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Laser pointers and related products

Import restrictions:

Although a source country may allow exports of an item, destination countries have their own policies regarding what may be imported. The policies vary by country. To avoid delays, customs clearance issues, and poor customer experience, Amazon generally restricts international shipment of the following types of products (this is assessed on a country-by-country basis):

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons, weapon components, and weapon accessories, including defense sprays; BB, airsoft and paintball guns and parts; scopes; holsters; and carrying cases
  • Chemicals including pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, industrial and automotive chemicals, and certain cleaners
  • Food, medicines, and supplements, including pet food and pet supplements
  • Medical devices including diagnostic kits, medical alert devices, and sex determination kits
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Adult products
  • Alcohol brewing equipment
  • Baby walkers, baby self-feeding devices, and car seats
  • Cryptographic electronic equipment
  • Gambling-related items and paraphernalia
  • Imitation currency

Transportation and logistics restrictions:

Certain restrictions are based on logistics or transportation limitations. For example, products that exceed a certain size and weight are excluded from FBA Export. Transportation restrictions include:

  • Heavy or bulky items such as mattresses or beds
  • Dangerous goods
  • Large or standalone lithium ion batteries
  • Used oil, such as cooking oil or motor oil
Note: Standard-size units may be eligible for FBA Export; oversize units are not.

ASINs not yet processed:

These are items awaiting review to determine if they are eligible for FBA Export. We process new ASINs for eligibility once a month. Make sure your product has either a full product description or bullet point so it can be processed in the next cycle.

For more information see the Dangerous goods identification guide.

Exportable Inventory report for MWS sellers

If you use an integrated web service API to manage your Amazon business and have a Marketplace Web Service-eligible seller account, you can use the following API operation to download the latest Exportable Inventory report.


Report ID: 26600

Note: The following API operation for the Exportable Inventory report has been discontinued. Use the API operation above for a current list of the products you can ship using FBA Export:


Report ID: 2620

FBA Export and product distribution agreements

If you have concerns that distribution agreements may limit where your products can be sold overseas, you can opt out of FBA Export, restrict shipments to certain countries, or exclude specific products from the program. You can do this at any time and for any reason.

Sales reports for international orders

To see a sales report for your FBA exports, go to the Reports tab, click Fulfillment, and in the left panel under Sales, click Amazon Fulfilled Shipments. You can see your FBA Export international orders by filtering the ship-to destination country.

For API Sellers, the enumeration value is _GET_AMAZON_FULFILLED_SHIPMENTS_DATA_.

International Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders

Important: Only the following media products are eligible for international Multi-Channel Fulfillment: books, movies, videos, and DVDs (BMVD products).

Even if the ASIN is eligible for FBA Export, you cannot create international Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders for non-media products.

International returns for FBA Export

With FBA Export, Amazon provides fulfillment and customer service for your orders, including processing buyer returns. Amazon uses Amazon’s return policies to determine whether a unit is eligible to be returned. However, to ensure a good buyer experience, Amazon will make case-by-case exceptions and accept returns for units fulfilled through FBA that may be past the stated return time frame.

When a buyer returns a product, the standard Amazon returns policy will be followed. If the returned product is received in sellable condition, it will be returned to the original seller’s inventory. If the returned product is not in sellable condition, Amazon will determine who is at fault (Amazon or the buyer) and make reimbursement according to the FBA lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.

The buyer must pay the return shipping costs if there is no product defect. If there is a product defect, the buyer pays and ships the product back to Amazon’s warehouse. Amazon will compensate the buyer for the actual return shipping cost when the parcel is received.

For more information, see FBA customer returns policy.

Fees: For pricing information on Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders to international addresses, refer to FBA Export fees.

FBA Export

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