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Payments Transactions View

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The View Transactions Page displays a summary view of the transactions that have occurred in the account since the last settlement date up until closing on the previous day. A transaction can be a charge or credit that is initiated by Amazon, an order, a refund or an adjustment. View the Payments Transactions View report.

To view the transaction, click the Total value at the right side of the summary line.

You can further modify the transaction view by filtering the results or by searching for transactions that meet your criteria.

Filter view by: Use this drop-down menu to modify the list of transactions by specifying a type of transaction and a specific period of time.

You can filter by the following:

  • All transactions types: This shows all transactions regardless of type.
  • Order Payment: This shows only transactions that are related to the payment of orders.
  • Refund: This shows only transactions that are related to refunds.
  • Chargeback Refund: This shows only transactions that are related to chargebacks. Chargebacks are charges or credits that are specifically related to credit card claims. For example, if a buyer calls their credit card company and refutes a charge related to the seller's sale, the corresponding transaction will be noted here as a chargeback.
  • A-to-z Guarantee Refund: This shows all transaction charges or credits related to A-to-Z Guarantee claims that were initiated by the buyer.
  • Service Fees: Other fees, such as FBA Inventory Storage fees or inbound transportation charges.
  • Other: This shows fees which may include subscriptions, other fees related to service and credits or charges that were initiated by Amazon.

Select a period of time: Use this feature to specify a range of dates for the list of transactions.

  • Statement period: Select all transactions in a settlement period.
  • Past number of days: Select a set number of days of transactions
  • Custom date range: Select your own time period

After you select an option, click "Update" to see the results.

Search for a transaction: This allows you to search for an order using the order number.

Transaction Detail Page

Once you have located a transaction, either by filtering or by searching the View Transactions page, you can see payment details related to the results by clicking the amount in the Total column on the right side of the transaction summary line.

The resulting Transaction Details page display any details associated with the original transaction. For example, if you view an order Transaction Detail page, all related refunds or adjustments will be shown below the original transaction. These Associated Transactions can also be viewed in detail by clicking the Total amount link.

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