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Thread: Partial refund without specifying each line item adjustment?
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Posted on: 10 Jan, 2018 3:43 PM  
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I know it is possible to fully refund an order using OrderAcknowledgement and to partially refund an order using OrderAdjustment of the Feeds API.

Is it possible using any MWS API to partially refund an order without having to specify individual line item adjustments?

For example, say I want to refund $3 on a $10 order. Right now, I need to specify the amount refunded for
1) Principal cost of the item
2) Tax of the item
3) Shipping of the item
etc (other things to take into account like Promos)

Instead, I want to submit a request that says refund $3 out of $10 for a whole order and have Amazon automatically calculate how it affects each line item rather than doing that on my end.
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