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Thread: Handling Time & Bulk Updates
This question is not answered.

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Posted on: 13 Aug, 2017 10:39 AM  
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So two questions

1) Regarding the HANDLING TIME... amazon states the default is 1-2 business days... what If I need say 3 business days to prepare an order before it ships. Would I make this "3" or "1" - I'm confused on how amazon would calculate this. Are they just adding whatever I put in here on top of theri 1-2??

2) I need to do a bulk update. One of the brands I sell needs a total of 3-4 days handling before it ships. So I need to update all of these. How do I do this exactly without going 1 by 1? I never imported my skus. I've just been adding them one by one over the years. So can I export my inventory, filter out what I need (in excel) and then add my handling time, re-upload it? How do I do this?
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