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Thread: Buyer claims "defective" in seller review, leaves "working" product review
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Posted on: 19 Jun, 2017 7:48 AM  
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I had a buyer leave 1-star negative seller feedback saying a product was defective and doesn't work. I messaged the buyer with the same operating instructions printed on the packaging and also offered to refund if it wasn't functioning. Then they turn around and post a product review saying they got it to work. Naturally, the buyer doesn't delete the seller feedback or even bother responding to my message. I opened a case with seller support, and of course got the usual canned response of how it doesn't violate guidelines. It seems to me that when seller feedback is so obviously false and there's evidence of it (from the buyer!) that they should make an exception and not punish good sellers with perfect reviews and metrics.

Do I have any recourse at all, or is it even worth escalating? I've already reopened the case, cut/pasted the product review, and gotten the same generic response. I don't get enough seller reviews in a month to dilute this 1-star, but it only dropped me down 1 percent.

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Posted on: 19 Jun, 2017 7:55 AM   in response to: CB Co. in response to: CB Co.  
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I would recommend following up with the buyer. Let them know you are happy to hear they got the product to work after providing the instructions based on the product review they left. I would them ask if they would reconsider removing their negative feedback.

Amazon has really tightened up their removal policy to only do so if it qualifies based on the standard reasons for removal. Your best solution would be to get the buyer to remove it. They may have thought that leaving a positive product review would take care of the feedback.

If, after a few days, they do not respond or remove the feedback, I would recommend you respond to the feedback so others viewing it will see your response.
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