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Thread: Can't log in to Amazon account
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Posted on: 18 Apr, 2017 4:04 AM  
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Good day!

We're team of C11. We create and sell drone accessories.

We can't write to Seller Support.

We have the problem with selling on Amazon Europe.
We tried a lot of ways to resolve it with Amazon Sellers Support, but they can't help us.

From 11.26.2016 our account became deactivated. Problem started with "incorrect password" during log in. We changed password many times but it still doesn't work.
We contacted Seller Support and received a case ref: 167-534332. Seller support said that they can't see anything wrong in our account, so we can't understand what's wrong and why we can't continue to sell in Europe. Also, we created case from our account: 1970821521. Since then we can't enter to (luckily not primary one)

We called support several times, texted in chat lots of times, sent e-mails, but only thing we hear is "Thanks for contacting us. We know you took time out of your day to get in touch so we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. Representatives handling your query will try their best to reply in the next 6 hours." AND NOBODY CONTACTED US!!!
We provided screenshots and received advices how to change password or clean cache and cookies. But these instructions can't help us, because problem is more than just wrong password. It appeared after we were approved with brand registry at So, maybe there is some connection with it?

It Seems to us that our problem is uncommon, however it stops us and perhaps other sellers from generating the profit. It is important for us and for Amazon too.

We sent emails to:
There were following cases created:
CASE 2011090091
CASE 1694294412
CASE 1691733722
CASE 1986175591
CASE 1984607611
CASE 1977211871
CASE 1970821521
CASE 1678669972
CASE 1612622642

After half of the year we still can't log in to our account. It says "Not Authorised.
You XXXXxxxxxx do not have access to the merchant:XXX."
We emailed support to ask why we can't access my account. We have a feeling that we've been hacked or Amazon was blocked our account.

We're waiting for your help, support and advices.

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Posted on: 21 Apr, 2017 1:32 PM   in response to: c11 in response to: c11  
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This thread is being moved to 'General Selling Questions'. Thank you.
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Hud Sales

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Posted on: 18 May, 2017 9:21 AM   in response to: Jake@SellerSupp... in response to: Jake@SellerSupp...  
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i have the same issue going on one month. i'm being ignored. my account must have been red tagged from some reason. amazon making ZERO effort to help me or to give me straight answer why i cannot get access to my account. amazon OWES me money and keeps sending me emails to add a bank account so they can give me my money.
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Posted on: 26 May, 2017 5:55 AM   in response to: c11 in response to: c11  
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I think I can suggest you something. Actually, I also faced the exactly same problem.

I need som questions before I can suggest any solution.

Do you have changes email before the problem

Have Changed Password?

Have any linked Amazon account?
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Posted on: 26 May, 2017 8:19 AM   in response to: VASTZONE in response to: VASTZONE  
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No changes were made
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