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Thread: seller central login and password is taking me to my personal account
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Posted on: 18 Apr, 2017 12:40 PM  
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This is a very URGENT issue. Any help will be appreciated.

Yesterday, when I tried to login to my seller central account and somehow it did not accept the password even though it was correct. Then I changed the password using the link below the login settings. I was able to change the password. But I was then logged into my personal account that had not been used for several years.

Now I am stuck with a situation where using my seller central email id and password, I am been directed to my personal account that says I have no access to the sellers account.

Its been more than 24 hours and I spent my whole day yesterday speaking to several amazon rep and most of them did not understand the issue and kept asking me to change the password atleast 6 times. I have no access to seller central so everytime I have to call I have to go through the buyers account and ask them to transfer me to seller central rep.

The have called amazon seller support team several times for this issue. The last rep said that my account has been sent to some external department for cleansing and they have no time frame as to when this will be resolved.

I have pending messages and orders and I have absolutely no access to my account and do not even know when or if this will be resolved.

I have contacted <> too but not received any resolution.
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Posted on: 21 Apr, 2017 1:21 PM   in response to: ABS in response to: ABS  
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This thread is being moved to 'General Selling Questions'. Thank you.
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Hit the Books

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Posted on: 21 Apr, 2017 1:35 PM   in response to: ABS in response to: ABS  
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Sorry to hear about this. So you use the same account/email for both functions -- buying and selling?

Are you still receiving notification emails (presuming you were before this happened) regarding sales, return requests, buyer messages, etc.?

Are you able to use the Amazon seller app on your mobile devices?

I hope you didn't input your login information into a phishing page that looked like an Amazon page. Have you gotten any weird emails or messages (possibly with attachments) lately? Have you scanned your system for viruses and other such malware?
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