Zero Sales


Normally we get 40-50 units per day but we are at zero today. Anyone experiencing this?




Neither 40-50 units per day nor zero today.

But holiday weekends are not like other days.


Yes I’m seeing the same thing, for the last week or so something has changed. I have also seen ASIN’s that should be on page 3 now appear in the top slots on page 1?? Yes there are some sellers cutting their price and trying to keep or build ranking but something just seems off?? Maybe Amazon is trying something new? When it is normal to get 30 to 75 sales on one item everyday and it turns down to a trickle something is wrong. But I’m going to keep my inventory maxed out so Amazon can offer their 1 day shipping guarantee they started.

Now, if I can only get Amazon to remove the Chinese sellers with multiple company names selling the exact same product off of my niche that would be really great! I’m tired of the pricing games they are playing and hope Amazon will fix this issue.


Yes. Experiencing the exact same thing today. There is something seriously wrong.


You are posting on the wrong site if you are looking for a remedy.

If you can light it up on Twitter and get a good dose of social shaming going on it will get noticed.


We have noticed this trend also. We have been unable to discern if this is a (hopefully) short-term economic trend, an inscrutable Amazon processing issue, nefarious shaming by some 3rd party troll, or something simply unknown/unknowable. Our gross sales are dramatically down over last year’s numbers, even though the number and overall value of our listings are essentially unchanged.


Since the way Amazon changed the way offers from competing sellers my sales are well below prior years same period sales. Now when buyers zero in on a product and click on “New and Used from”. On my browser it used to display with the sellers in bright Blue on the right side of the page and the offered price on the left side in bright Red. NOW when a buyer clicks to compare offers a pop up appears on the right side of the page with offers from sellers and makes much harder for buyers to compare Price, Seller, Feedback. I use Internet Explorer and everything was fine until about 3 to 4 weeks ago. When I called to ask about he way products and sellers are displayed all I was told is how to get the buy box. I think Amazon has changed the way most browsers display Price Seller Feedback along with product info. I am being forced to go to that other site to get some of my holiday sales figures back.
I know the Know it Alls are going to pipe in and say I’m crazy. But with sales down 85% I think the change has something to do with reduced sales… When using the old Internet Explorer everything displays the way it has for years (user friendly). With some other browsers the new way is not nearly as buyer friendly.


Are sellers from a country that has an extreme monetary advantage over the USA based sellers and what is assumed steep reduction of selling cost on amazon considered a “competitor”

If the other party involved was from the same country as you and playing in the same financial system plus exact same fee structure as you then yes, it would be considered a competitor.

amazon sold product is also negatively impacting you since they sell it without the cost burden of FBA added to the selling price.

Amazon has one item that is competitive to our offering and its $3.99 and FREE shipping (FBA). Bad enough those whom my products have inspired are at $5.99 and FREE shipping (FBA) for several of our other products.

At the present time its analogous to using a child’s BB gun to stop a cruise missile attack.