You're invited to Prime Day 2016


5,000-dollar minimum deal size (number of units multiplied by deal price)

Can someone elaborate on this? Is that the number of units I will need to have in my inventory ready to sell?


I got mine, but I really hate when Amazon sends me an email that takes me somewhere other than normal Amazon. It asks for Seller name, account email address, and Merchant ID. I know it’s legit but just feels weird.


Fees are all the same but the fees are based on the sale price.


What’s the question?

It’s a legitimate Amazon event, but it’s not the biggest shopping day of the year - that’s still the on the Friday – Monday after Thanksgiving (in the USA), or ‘Singles Day’ (November 11 in China).

You can choose to participate (or not).


BTW, for certain categories the minimum is $2500. It shows this when you go to sign up.


Do they still take 15% referral fee + the FBA fee?

Or is it different for Lightening Deal?

Thank you



I got mine! :smiley:


Hope we could make it to the last :slight_smile:


I thought I remember a lot of talk last year about how Amazon Prime Day wasn’t panning out as expected. I guess individual results must vary based on what some of ya’ll are saying. Oh well, signed up!


Last years Prime day beat both black Friday and cyber Monday in gross sales.



Just got my invite!

Only one SKU though.

It is my highest volume and highest margin SKU though!


My favorite part about this email…

“Thank you for working with us on this +unique+ event.”

Like they invented discount days or something.


5,000 divided by the price of your unit after the discount. (the prices listed in the offer, they suggest 20% and 25% off the lowest price all year)

And you need to have at least that many to qualify, rounded up to even numbers, obviously.

The letter will say when they must be there, ours said they must have already been checked in by June 22nd, but they tell you that you’ll know your deal was accepted may 18th. So plenty of time.

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They take the same fee but on a lower sales price (because you have to reduce the price to at least the amount the computer suggests). The benefit is the advertising.


lol, actually, I think Amazon is worried you’ll click on the link if it’s forwarded, so someone else can screw up your offer. I assume they verify the email or something to make sure it’s you and just the delete the mismatches–but who knows.


I got on a dozen items but I do not make a dime on any of thes at the prices they want! And the return rate is 5-7%, so guess I will be sitting out and scoring skme good deals myself!


Woody you selling PL or wholesale? I assume PL…

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Are they just looking to add a bunch of garbage chinese PL stuff to prime day?


Well well…thank you for posting.


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