You're invited to Prime Day 2016


h3. Join Amazon’s biggest shopping day of the year

Dear __________-,

Last year we celebrated the first ever Prime Day, a one-day global shopping event exclusively for Prime members.

Customers ordered 34.4 million items, breaking all of our Black Friday records with 398 items ordered per second. Prime Day was also a success for sellers on Amazon that use Fulfillment by Amazon, with record-breaking unit sales growing nearly 300% worldwide.

Prime Day is coming again in mid-July, and you’re invited to participate by offering Lightning Deals.

Lightning Deals are discounts that last a maximum of six hours, or until supply runs out (you specify the quantity).

h3. Propose deals for Prime Day

Your products listed below are eligible for Lightning Deals. To propose Prime Day Lightning Deals for any of these products, submit your request by May 4, 2016, using the Amazon Lightning Deals Template:

h4. Submit your deals ›

Please note: This link is unique to you and only one submission is accepted per seller. Please do not forward this invitation.

Submitting your deals does not guarantee acceptance. For Prime Day, we will choose seller deals that provide the best value to customers. Great products. Great prices. We will notify you by May 18, 2016, if any of your deals were selected.

FBA inventory for Prime Day deals must be received at an Amazon fulfillment center by June 22, 2016. To avoid overstocking, please wait to see if your deal is selected before sending additional inventory for your submitted deals.

Create deals that customers will love

All Lightning Deals must meet the following criteria for Prime Day, but better deals stand a better chance of getting selected:

  • Prime offers only (FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime)
  • Deal prices must offer customers a 20% or greater discount from the average price listed on in the last 90 days
  • Deal prices must also be lower than the lowest price since January 1, 2016
  • 5,000-dollar minimum deal size (number of units multiplied by deal price)
  • Product rating of 3 stars or higher
  • No listing defects on the ASIN detail page
  • Adult products, suggestive images, and products of a controversial nature will not be accepted for Lightning Deals
    Even if a deal is selected for the big event, it may be cancelled if we determine that it does not provide customers with the best Prime Day shopping experience.


I did 431 units in one day, of an item that normally only moves 10-15 day

Even with the 20% off, it was a killer day, that made my sales record high, for the 2 months after.


I’m still praying I get an email from them!


Will this apply to all FBA or seller fulfilled prime items or only those who actually receive this invitation letter?


Stated clearly in the email.


yep, exclusive invite only


I got the invite also, but only for SKU’s that really are not money makers. If I were to slash 20% off the lowest price, I would not be making anything on those sales.

I have a lot of items that I am the only seller on, which sell pretty well, and have good ratings, but none of those items got selected.

It would be interesting to know how Amazon chooses products to be showcased on Prime Day.


> Please note: This link is unique to you and only one submission is accepted per seller. Please do not forward this invitation.
I guess posting the whole email in an open forum is not technically forwarding.


I have great products with competitive price in stock,eager to get a way to increase sales…


5,000-dollar minimum deal size (number of units multiplied by deal price)

Can someone elaborate on this? Is that the number of units I will need to have in my inventory ready to sell?


I got mine, but I really hate when Amazon sends me an email that takes me somewhere other than normal Amazon. It asks for Seller name, account email address, and Merchant ID. I know it’s legit but just feels weird.


Fees are all the same but the fees are based on the sale price.


What’s the question?

It’s a legitimate Amazon event, but it’s not the biggest shopping day of the year - that’s still the on the Friday – Monday after Thanksgiving (in the USA), or ‘Singles Day’ (November 11 in China).

You can choose to participate (or not).


BTW, for certain categories the minimum is $2500. It shows this when you go to sign up.


Do they still take 15% referral fee + the FBA fee?

Or is it different for Lightening Deal?

Thank you



I got mine! :smiley:


Hope we could make it to the last :slight_smile:


I thought I remember a lot of talk last year about how Amazon Prime Day wasn’t panning out as expected. I guess individual results must vary based on what some of ya’ll are saying. Oh well, signed up!


Last years Prime day beat both black Friday and cyber Monday in gross sales.



Just got my invite!

Only one SKU though.

It is my highest volume and highest margin SKU though!


My favorite part about this email…

“Thank you for working with us on this +unique+ event.”

Like they invented discount days or something.