Your direct fulfillment warehouse xxxxhas been suspended. As a result of the suspension, the inventory for all items in this warehouse is set to zero; no new orders will be sent until it is reinstated. If you have any open orders, please do ship them


Excuse me so much for pointing out why someone would send a message like that. There was nothing rhetorical about it.


Our direct fulfillment account is still suspended as well and there is no updates from Amazon at all.


Same thing here, got the DF suspension email last week and for the first time since we started selling on vendor central on POs this Monday, we are very worried as we have 14 containers on the way.


I am in the outdoors category. My last Direct Fulfillment order was on 2/7 and I have had multiple cases open since with nothing but the same messages everyone above seems to be receiving. As of Monday 3/4, we came into work with no Warehouse orders which is a first in years. I have since been told on a case related to missing my category:


Thank you for the reply.

I would like to inform you, we will not be able to provide you the access to Outdoors category as your manufacturer vendor code (redacted) is inactive.

Thank you for doing business with us.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Mohammed Arif M. Seller Support

So that’s my most recent news.
And by the way, I was never sent an email or notified in anyway other than recognizing orders had suddenly stopped.

Added based on a new response from someone on vendor team in Seattle. And I’ve dealt with her before. She is the only Vendor Central team employee in the US that gets involved in cases but only when forwarded to Jeff. She can get things done as well as the team based in Costa Rica. So when I received this response from her, I have officially tapped out. I had asked if this was due to an action of mine that caused our suspension. Her response:

Hi Josh,

I apologize if anyone gave the impression you did something wrong, our statement doesn’t elude to that at all: From time to time, Direct Fulfillment offers and accounts are temporarily suppressed for business and inventory management reasons.

While I can not provide any details, I must ask for your patience, and assure you we will automatically reinstate the offer and account if circumstances change.

For now there is no change, no ETA on a reinstatement of Direct Fulfillment PO’s, and no additional information anyone can provide.

Best regards,

Update 3/12: My account was reinstated yesterday and I started receiving new warehouse orders overnight. I’ll have to zero my DF inventory & re-load it today to start receiving orders there.


So there are lots of news articles now saying the program is closing down and amazon is moving in a different direction. Its horrible that news articles are how i get information about my account and not amazon. Maybe now that other people are reporting on this in the media they will finally have to come out an say something.


if your VC account is still suspended and want to continue to sell to amazon but also want diversify and sell other customers - please PM me. I have a solution to gain back some sales and move your “stuck” inventory that you previously had plan for amazon.


we just had our DF turned back on. hopefully yours is too?


Can I join the page - what is the link please?


We had our DF turned back on an hour ago - was down for a full week - thank goodness


Mine is still suspended. God ( amazon) help us


lucky account, from what I heard most vendors who affected by this are still suspended. But I can see Amazon is evaluating each items one by one and still stuck on our rockstar skus which may result them losing money.

Was your DF suspended last Thursday too? Also, did you get an email from Amazon telling you your DF is back? or you just get a few ASIN’s offer back?


Yes, was suspended with the big batch of others on late Wednesday night. We have about 700 skus, so now all of them are back in stock.

The email only said: “Your direct fulfillment account has been reinstated. You can now update inventory to start getting new orders. Please ensure that Amazon’s performance targets are consistently met in the future to avoid suspensions.”

Though we were told and confirmed that none of our metrics were out of sorts. I’ll keep you all posted if we ever get a real reason, but I doubt it.


Thanks for the input, grats to have your DF back :grinning:

There’re tons of rumors floating around the net suggesting that this massive suspension is a move from Amazon to pushing their “one vendor” program by getting rid of Seller Central accounts from selected vendors. Now you just proved that rumors are just rumors and should stay in its place



Yes - I had definitely read all the articles out there, and they are speculating and seemingly conflating a couple of different types of suspensions or emails that vendors are getting, but through all that it does seem that DF vendors are being re-instated slowly, but obviously who knows if that is all of them or just a %.

Hope you have the same luck soon.


We got reinstated this morning!


Good to hear you got it back! Mine is still suspended and nothing update from Amazon. May I know if your business size is within what range, like $2M-3M annually? Just try to figure out if this is really related to the business size. Also what category is your stuff under? Many thanks!


Good to hear that. Which category are you doing? Thanks


So has the reinstatement been for everyone or is this selective?


Our account is still suspended. We have thousands of ASINs, so I am afraid that may cause our account to be reinstated later than others.


Still suspended