Your account is at risk of deactivation


I got an alert on my seller account home page that my account is at risk of deactivation the reason is that my ODR is 1.46%. im an fba seller i have been selling on amazon for a few months now i got only 2 feedback and both are negative. i tried to resolve the issue with the first customer, they wanted a replacement for one of the accessories i posted a public reply asking the customer to apply for a replacement but got nothing from the customer they did not ask for a replacement or a refund and now another negative feedback, i was told i have no direct way to contact the customer to resolve the issue so im just lost here and need help in what should i do. and how can i fix my ODR rate, it says Time Window: 60 days : Jan 20, 2022 - Mar 20, 2022.


It is highly unlikely that your account will be activated unless you have additional defects.


I think you mean “deactivated”.

And I agree, your ODR is high, but it will come back down. As long as nothing else goes wrong in the next week or so, you don’t have to worry.


Indeed I do. It is I who needs to be activated.


so if something goes wrong and my account gets deactivated there is no way to activate it again?


you may get your account by appeal.
mostly you need to find out why you have two bad reviews and fix that.


Thanks everyone.


Hello @Hydro2,

This is Diana from Amazon here to assist you today.

I’ve reviewed your post and understood that your order defect rate (ODR) has increased to 1.46%, whereas it should be under 1%.

If your metric for ODR keep increasing, account might go into the risk of deactivation. We recommend you to work on the claims you received and make sure you don’t receive any further claims on your account.

Please feel free to post on seller forums platform for any further assistance.





Hi @Hydro2

This is Charles from Amazon to help you with your product policy notification concern. I want to provide you with some assistance. There are only one or two pointers to add, and some resources to check.

If you were sent a notification regarding your order defect rate, here is a list of considerations regarding order management:

  • Sourcing: Are you sourcing the product from a trusted supplier?
  • Listing: Is the product accurately described?
  • Labelling: Are you following Amazon policy regarding labelling requirements?
  • Packaging: Is the product in its original packaging as listed?
  • Shipping: Do you have quality checks to ensure that the product is stored, packed, and shipped appropriately?

Lastly, have you considered updating your detail pages? Setting up the right expectations about your products leads to better customer satisfaction. Do you offer any kind of technical support when issues arise with defective products?

Many of these ideas are explained on this help page regarding order defects.

I hope these considerations can assist you with your resolution. The forums community is here to support you. Please let us know how we can help you from this point forward.