Your account is at risk of being disabled - ODR >1%


The defect rate of your order is 1.38%;The target is 1%.
I am a new seller, and I have three claims, I don’t know the reason, and I didn’t receive the email, and then amazon warned me.Don’t know how to deal with it.


If you don’t know, how would we know??? We cannot read minds here… Click on the links in your performance tab, or check your account health, it should tell you why.


WHY do you have 3 claims?
What are they?


Hi @Art_accord,

Arthur here to assist.

I know you have concerns with the warning you received for order defect rate. I want to help in guiding you towards the right direction.

Before you saw that your account was at risk of deactivation, were you aware of what order defect rate was and how it is calculated? I suggest reading through the ‘Order Defect Rate’ policy page here: to get a better understanding of how you are impacted as a seller.

Order defect rate considers negative feedback, A-Z claims, and chargebacks. You stated you have 3 claims currently in your account and you don’t know the reason why. In seller central, there is a tab at the top of your screen labeled ‘Performance’. If you hover over it, there will be a drop-down menu that allows you to access your account health dashboard, performance notifications and a page specifically called ‘A-to-z Guarantee Claims’. Hopefully this allows you to obtain a good idea of the reasons why buyers haven’t had a good ordering experience.

I hope this information is helpful as you continue to learn your way around selling on Amazon and navigating through seller central. Let me know how else I can help while you are addressing your order defect rate.



thank you for your answer. I checked the reason and found it was the claim. I sent an email to the buyer to find out the reason, but I haven’t replied yet.I also contacted the amazon performance team, hoping to reduce the risk of the store.

Have a nice day