You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list. If you believe you have reached this message in error, please contact Seller Support


I get this error when I enter the UPC codes I just bought when I try to list today ! I will list with 4 variations, but it does not work, I tried everything. Does anyone know the problem or solve it before? I am entering the UPC codes correctly, everything is correct I have already received the codes new.But somehow the system doesn’t accept.My products will be here in 1 week, but I still haven’t listed them.First I have to list and then I need to send the shipping labels to the manufacturer.I have to do these today so that my products come to America in 1 week.


Did you buy them from GS1 or did you buy them second-hand?

If you bought them from GS1 the prefix must match your brand.

If you bought them secondhand, they will fail the prefix check.

Not all categories have prefix checking yet, so sometimes those second hand codes work. When they do not, the result is the message you are receiving.

Either you get UPC which match the brand or apply for a GTIN Exemption.


No I got them zero,they are not second hand.

‘‘Either you get UPC which match the brand or apply for a GTIN Exemption.’’

What does this mean ?


If you got them from Speedy or another online UPC seller, they are secondhand and assigned to an owner by GS1.

If you bought them from GS1, you are offering them under a different brand than was provided to GS1.

If you need a GTIN Exemption or know other procedures use the Seller Help function on your Seller Central dashboard.

Selling on Amazon requires some knowledge and training. It is unlike other site. There is seller help and Seller University videos. You need to invest time in reading or video watching.


So what do I need to do now? My products are in production and I have to list.It means I bought it from Speedy, it is second hand. I did not know


Dude the best thing to do is to buy the UPC codes directly from the GS1- register an account. That way YOU control the destiny of the product for it’s lifetime. Subsequently if someone "Steals the UPC# and uses on Amazon (Which is almost impossible these days) you can fix it.

If your at the level where you are “Manufacturing” stuff and buying UPC’s second hand your playing with fire!

If it were me personally that was in your shoes at this point - I would buy the UPC’s from the GS1 - I would then makes “Stickers” of that UPC to lay over the “Junk” upcs then have the factory fix it on the next batch - then I would consider it a lesson learned.


Well, if I get barcode exemption related to this category, how will it help me?


You will be able to list the product and send to FBA with an Amazon FNSKU label.

Get trained NOW.


Bar code exemption may help, but you’ll still get stuck putting “Stickers” on the product for the fnsku @ that point you may as well just do it right. It cost me 750$ to buy 100 UPCs from the GS1- best investment I ever made.


I don’t have company for the GS1 label,As far as I research it needs to be a company,Is this true ?


Not so sure on that one. I would like to think an individual could purchase. But this brings up another issue. If you plan on manufacturing items, selling them on “amazon” etc. You really should have a “Company”.

I like your eagerness to just jump in the water and “Wing it” but there is a series of things you need to do before you just do this stuff.

For me I made a “List” back in the day when I created my company - of what needed to be done. A lot of it I knew but some I had to consult “Experts” on. Everything was done “By the book”. I knew all my bases were covered at that point.

I would do all of that 1st before you just decide your going to sell on Amazon.


I got what you mean,I am only sending a trial product now and will establish my company in the future.How will the road map be for me to sell at the current stage?

I thought everything would be fine when I took the UPC code and entered it in the listing section. At least as a start. I can’t get UPC from GS1 right now. If I use the barcode I got from Speeddy, will it be a problem in 2-3 months?


Yea it kind of will, because once the listing is created with a UPC of X, you cant just change it.

Set your self up for success guy - let’s make the assumption that your product is “Legit” and the listing takes off in a big kind of way. I would have “Nightmares” if I was sitting on a million dollar listing and I didn’t own the UPC.

in addition to that - your “trial” product could become a “Tax Nightmare” if that happened and your were not a proper business entity.


You started this thread because it is a problem right now. Should you make it pass this problem with your speedy bar code, it will be a problem when you wish to change the listings to a proper bar code.

This site is poorly suited to new businesses run by the inexperienced. Your list now, become a company later strategy is no longer suited to selling on Amazon.


If your going to do “Trial products” and “Experiment” - I would do something like that on EBay and save Amazon for when you know you got something. Amazon is like the big leagues. If you just jump on here without proper research, you’ll get burned. Even peep’s that do the proper research and jump on here get burned all of the time.


When I query the barcode I received from Speedy, GS1 Us comes out, owner.Is this still a problem.


you know you might be able to get with the owner and have him “Register” the UPC for your product if your bound and determined to do this despite all the advice against it. That may help.


I know you want to help,I am aware of your concern.I really got what you mean.But I am not as big an investor as you think.My products I want to give UPC code will not reach a million dollars.I expect it to earn around 2 - 3 thousand dollars.I will do what you want to say on my next products.

But now what I can do with this UPC code and possibilities, can you help me?


Now I realized something,When I write this name in the brand part, it accepts the UPC code.
If I do a listing like this, will I face any problems in 2-3 months


Because my stock will be finished in 2-3 months.This will actually be a transition period for me, I do not think I will ever enter this list again.This is my main question, will amazon suspend my account as I am listing with this UPC code