You are already at the maximum inventory - FBA


+“You are already at the maximum inventory allowed for this product, due to capacity or other restrictions. This product must be removed from this shipment.”+

Been receiving this message a few times today for items being shipped to FBA. These items were not removed before Feb 15th. There are not many of these units in FBA from all sellers combined.

Anyone else getting this?


The warehouses are full. Literally.


I just tried adding an item that has 4 units in FBA (from all sellers combined). System is saying I’m at the maximum for this item.


I had this happen today with something that has 3 units in the warehouse and my amazon fba fulfillment alerts said I should ship more in. I think it’s really weird. There’s literally only 3 in the warehouses too since I manufacture the item so it’s not like the warehouses are full of other people’s inventory of the item.


I had that pop up this week as well. At the time I was flying to get my shipment completed so I didn’t bother to investigate as I can just send the item in later, but maybe I should have.


I’ve been getting this message more and more…only been happening to 1-2% of my inventory so I figured I would just wait it out.

That all changed today. Added 30 books for shipment and had 7 removed with that message. Then created a new shipment with 26 other books and 14, I repeat 14 were removed!!! Kind of hard to run a business when you can’t sell 54% of your items!

I called them…they basically said that they want to “give opportunities to other items” and I should simply hold the items and try again in a week or so.

Basically, the warehouses are full. Plain and simple.

Give it time. That’s all you can do.



Quote from Mod Lauren:

“This limit is intended to help you avoid sending products that already have high overall inventory levels, but low customer demand.”

(i.e. Don’t send in garbage.)



Yeh, garbage is only allowed from Chinese sellers,


Same thing, 18 of 78 products in the present shipping plan, I was going to send in this weekend, have already created listings and prepped said items…some were in the 1 million sales ranking, some were much lower (e.g., a book in the 300’s)…some had few sellers, some had many, all competitively priced (on the lower end…not the lowest!). Sales for me have been VERY slow this past week…slower than the past 7 years…never this slow, including private products that have never sold so slowly…but maybe that’s just me?


This happened to us several times today, and for products which were brand new (none at the warehouse). The outsourced CSRs were as clueless and unable to help as always.


Fees sorry for those who voted NO,

I know for a fact that there are adds in China on national TV to sell items on Amazon,

There are more than over a billion people in China than in US and they are Actively occupining our FBA warehouses, this is might be the reason for not having enough space for our US sellers,

Have you seen their Markets? It’s like huge cities with billions of cheap products, I’ve seen it with my own eyes and anyone from Chinese village can go in and do it without any regulations at all, and without paying a dime to our country,

Wake Up!!!


Nope, not the reason. My limit is over 80k units. I have about 10k in stock at FBA.


Most of my books are still merchant-fulfilled but I know that many dealers in the area only operate on FBA. If this problem is the new normal I wonder how they will cope, being used to FBA taking everything and anything they ship to them.

I had a very frustrating morning but at least I can switch gears and work on my at-home inventory instead.


I received the message too. But they were for items I removed before the last long term storage clean-up. We can’t send those in until April. I don’t know if you have the same situation but that’s why mine popped up.


My thoughts exactly!


Check your overall Inventory Storage Limits of all items in FBA…is your local inventory close to the limit ? if so, ask to raise your limit.


I think they are still building a super sized warehouse out in Cali ?, maybe they are waiting for it to be completed, also most sellers are reporting slower than normal sales over the last 60 days.



List those items FBM and try to sell in the meantime.


Sales very slow for me the past week, also.


You get one ugly point!!!