Yet another post about Chinese counterfeiters


Really getting annoyed with one seller in particular who is undercutting my price by 20%. He will not get off my listing.

My company name is trademarked, but the items the items I make (apparel) are not trademarked designs. Wondering if I put my trademarked company name on the item label, would that be enough to prove that they are in violation? Would that be enough for AZ to remove them?

Just curious!



Are you the manufacturer? Or buying basic, generic apparel and pressing custom prints onto them?


WHAT?? How is that possible and how is Amazon not catching them. OMG


You always mention some sort of software that does miracles for sellers from China towards approval and buy box, what kind of software that is? Just wondering…


My items are ones that I designed and am selling under my private brand. I have put a lot of time and effort into each and every product line that I sell and I have the reviews to show it. It just really angers me that people can just hijack all of my hard work. I think it cheapens my brand if a customer has no idea that they are NOT buying from me but a scammer in China.



yes, I am purchasing generic apparel and putting my designs on them. I have seen some apparel decorators put their own tags on with their trademarked name - just wondering if that would be enough for Amazon to consider it a violation ?



I do not know.
But…it is new…about 2 months old.
and it IS there.
I am currently writing yet another letter about this to report it…again.
Here is what I have seen so far…
a just launched seller can open 2 or 3 accounts at once.
once shut down…with in a few days…they do it all over again.
same products…same prices.
cell phones is a restricted category.
As I have said MANY times…I and other US FBM sellers do NOT have the buy box…we are not eligible.
only US based sellers that have ever gotten the buy box on any of my listings do it by FBA.
In the past few weeks…the cretins have come up with some kind of software…that gives them the buy box .
they list hundreds of thousands of items with the push of a button…and now they scam the buy box.
These are items that there is no possible way they have the real thing.
no way.
as for the protected catagories…
about 6 months ago…
I started a thread in which just launched sellers were highjacking the watch pages.
watches is approval only.
They did something that took a 200 buck high end watch…
SOLD by amazon…
and replaced the pic with a cheap version and cross listed it in sports and outdoors.
They did this to amazon listings…not 3P sellers…so 20 minutes after I opened the thread…
the mods removed those sellers.
now, the letter I am now writing is taking time…because today…
5 more of these sellers popped up.
all with at least 20,000 listings.
they also have a way to change their location.
many are now saying they ship from Canada and the Us.
they do not…
but they figured out a way to fool amazon that they do.


This is one of the current cretins I have been trying to get off since yesterday.
look at the ASIN B012DTIGOC
He took the buy box on thousands of licensed cases.


Join the club. Your membership # is 349,211,129.


Do Chinese sellers not have to get approved for the clothing category like we did?
My sales are down 70% since this Hijacking stated for us about 3 weeks ago.


they use software that bypasses the approvals.


Seems you are not buying much on Amazon, otherwise, you would buy something shipped from China without ever realizing it because it is not obvious from product page and not all items they sell may sound cheap.

I bought nice shirt as a gift for someone for $40. It had nice art work of a puppy and I got it for a kid. I didn’t realized it was sold by China seller and took forever to arrive and I would NEVER buy it in the first place if I knew it wasn’t coming from US business.


Thanks for sharing this,

If this is what is going on, then it is very sad for all of us.


If people are willing to buy cheap knock-offs from Asia, you can’t stop them, and Amazon really has little reason to try to stop them. People who care about getting a “genuine” item will order from a US seller.

Why fight it?


The point is that knock-offs should have their own Amazon product pages and be clearly described as such.

It is a violation to list offers for knock-offs on pages for brand-name products. Item offers must match the detail page exactly.


It ain’t just Chinese sellers. Amazon does it too.


There are ways to do what you describe WITHOUT hacking Amazon.

The number of offers you have has a direct influence on Buy Box calculations.

I won’t give any hints as to how the others are done as I know unscrupulous sellers read these forums looking for hints.


Nothing I can see of yours is trademarked. Not your brand name, not your seller name, and none of that Teen Wolf stuff either.

From what I can tell you have taken zero steps to protect yourself.

That, plus the fact you are using generic Augusta 360 blanks is going to make it that much harder to protect yourself.

Are you at least in the brand registry?


I will pm you.
I am just tired./
Will open a new thread about it again tomorrow and hope it catches attention.
5 new ones popped up today.
but only one has the buy box software.
he also does have the most listings…almost 600,000.
most of the new ones have 100,000.
This whack a moling is getting tiresome.
But, I have to do it to protect the listings.


> he also does have the most listings…almost 600,000.
Aside from the extended delivery time and the potential for negative product reviews from buyers in that period how much would it cost to do test buys on 600,000 items & would it be worth it if they can just shut down one account and open another under a different name tomorrow?