WTF! I have 1 star FEEDBACK RATING?!


They are referring to requests to Amazon to remove feedback. Not requests to the buyer to remove feedback.


The feedback system is very old, outdated and very extremely rarely used anymore. It was a way that Amazon was trying to compete with that ‘bay’ auction platform years ago when Amazon was not as large. Less than 1 in 1000 people ever leave feedback anymore and when they do it is normally just negative. In order to get your feedback higher you will want to sell about 5000 more items and then just cross your fingers.

Amazon needs to get rid of that old feedback thing that no one uses anymore. Amazon is now designed for convenience and speed in shopping with things like 1 click checkout. Expecting buyers to leave feedback is expecting them to do something anything but quick or convenient. It is years out-dated.


I agree with you, and it’s because on Amazon you’re considered more like an actual store, than on Etsy. If you order something from Walmart you don’t feel the need to give them feedback thanking them for sending you what you ordered, on time. You just expect it.


Gonna take you a bunch of 4’s and 5’s, like 50, to make it to 96%. That can take a long time with such dismal feedback rates.


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per new policies you are no longer allowed to request feedback removal. Be careful

A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so.


Go head and request a removal. Since the feedback was actually a product review, it should be in violation and Amazon should remove it for you. Most of time it’s removed immediately.


That really sucks, I’m sorry that’s your first feedback. Food for thought would be, what condition was the book listed in? If someone bought a used - good or acceptable condition book and complained about the spine being broken, I would chalk it up to bad luck. If you sold the book in used - very good or like new condition, or even new condition, even if the item was damaged in shipment it would make sense why the customer would be upset.


Well done!


Good luck getting a review and getting it pulled.

The fact that they aren’t asking for a refund might imply the condition is not as poor as stated in the FB.


how come we are not receiving feedback, I sold over a 100 items with no feedback, and my customers are saying they left one for me, is amazon doing this on purpose?


Absolutely spot on. This is why we are able to live with the poor feedback rating system currently in play. Our ODR is good (4 “issues” out of 3000+ orders for 60 days).

To date, the one belligerent feedbacker (who sure needs a hug) has not damaged us to the point of no return. :crossed_fingers:


This is very bad advice and could get a seller in bad shape for doing this! I hope you remove your post QUICKLY and then re-think what you are doing actually voicing such dangerous actions such as this on this forum!

I will certainly be flagging it as inappropriate.


@Chris_Mod_Amazon not sure if you are active now since name did not populate but saw your edit. Post 150 declares buyers are trying to leave feedback and it is not showing up on the score.
Many of us over the last month or more have no feedback and have sold enough to generally see one or two.
I believe the email request is not going out to remind buyers to leave feedback.
Also some of these posts are skating too close to incentivized feedback requests for me and I would like to make sure that we are not sending the wrong message to buyers and sellers.
Some clarity please.
This lack of Feedback seems to have started with the new button to request a review on orders. Since this is new programming, has it stopped the Amazon Feedback Request email going out?


I’m sorry if my thoughts are a little too deep for you.


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Still no joy. Maybe it varies by category? We’re selling mostly in Home & Kitchen (furniture).


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This thread perfectly illustrates why Amazon is making it harder to get feedback removed. Items not as described or damaged in transit are exactly the type of defects for which the feedback system is intended. Yet, the number of responses suggesting that the OP appeal the feedback far exceed those suggesting that s/he 1.) begin by addressing the buyer’s issue and/or 2.) consider stronger packaging. Sellers are responsible if a product arrives in worse condition than described—that’s E-commerce 101.

Did someone seriously suggest that “broken” is a product review?


It is a fact, IP issues by the millions,
They have bots crawling through there site suspending thousands of accounts daily.
Plus shipping and handling times,
It happen to me, took two months to get my account back and the hold your money for 90 days
when this happens