Wrong Address


Had a customer that put in the wrong shipping info in, after package was delivered they requested a refund. Left a negative feedback because the item was delivered to the wrong address. what can I do, I appealed to amazon but they sided with the customer. Did I suppose to know the new address, no communication no heads up. No I’m sorry that I put the wrong info in, nothing straight to negative feedback. They received full refund and still no change in feedback. How can I resolve this issue??


If you purchased the postage from Amazon you should have been covered for this.
If you did not purchase postage from Amazon then forget it as there is nothing you can do.


the purchased postage was from Amazon. That’s why i’m confused.


Then you need to appeal the A-Z claim.
You should quote the Amazon policy of covering these claims when postage is purchased from amazon.
As to the feedback there is likely nothing you can do.




Do not request removal of the feedback. If you used Amazon’s Buy Shipping and shipped on time, you need to quote the policy and ask for a strike-thru.