Wrong Address While Using Buy Shipping


I used Amazon’s Buy Shipping to ship a customer an item. UPS tried to ship the item twice and kept reporting that the address was incorrect and unable to deliver.

The customer gave me negative feedback and made my Order Defect Rate 25% (1 negative out of 4 orders) so my account is at risk of deactivation. I can’t sell more of the item because I mistakenly used someone else’s brand and had to close that listing and create a new generic listing.



Nothing anybody can do to help. Feedback doesn’t meet Amazon criteria for removal. You can message the buyer explaining the address they provided was undeliverable but I wouldn’t count on hearing back from them or feedback removal by them. Do not offer anything to remove the feedback as that will get you suspended.

Selling on someone else’s listing is a bigger issue if you received an infringement claim. That you’ll have to follow the steps Amazon has laid out for appeal. If you don’t have an invoice for the product, which you don’t, you won’t be allowed to list it and may have further consequences. Only hope for that is to contact the rights owner and tell them you won’t sell their item any more and ask for a retraction. Again, don’t count on hearing back but some sellers will occasionally do that


I did message the buyer and even asked for the correct address but have not heard back. I have not offered anything else to the buyer and glad I did not (I did not know about suspensions from offerings). I don’t understand how the seller can be held accountable for items not delivered when the buyer supplies the wrong address especially when Amazon’s Buy Shipping should work.

The infringement claim was removed so I no longer have an issue there.


Welcome to Amazon. Feedback is the buyer’s area to state about the transaction. Only under certain circumstances will feedback be removed. Did you use Amazon buy shipping? If so you may request a strike through since it was delivery related but if you didn’t then you’re out of luck


Yes I did use Amazon Buy Shipping so all I could do was print the label out and send the item out. At some point, you have to trust Amazon for valid information or so I thought. I did request a removal of the negative feedback and the case is under investigation.


Are you suggesting the customer’s address was entered by Amazon in order to deceive you… ?


No, I’m not blaming Amazon for inaccurate information because it’s technically entered by the customer but that’s not the seller’s fault.


you have to ask for a strikethru for this, not removal. you handled things correctly using the label from amazon. you should never reship to the “right” address either as it will not be tracked in amazons systems.


strike thu is really what I meant but the number that counts against your feedback score IS REMOVED. I’m not shipping anything else to the customer, they did not respond anyway.


Hello @Real_Discounts_247,

This is Sonny from Amazon, here to help with your negative feedback received and impact to order defect rate. Thank you for details on your situation, let’s look at next steps to resolution.

You mentioned,

An important benefit of using Amazon’s Buy Shipping service is if you ship on time with tracking via Buy Shipping, and the buyer leaves seller feedback solely related to delayed or undelivered packages, you can request to have the feedback reviewed. A great resource with details on the use of Buy Shipping services can be found here.

Was the request submitted specifically in your feedback manager? It is imperative the request for strike through is submitted through the feedback manager for review by the correct Amazon team. The strike through request may still be under investigation to meet the required criteria. Please review this important help page for striking of feedback, and here is why:

You can request for feedback removal only via Feedback Manager . Contacting our Support teams through ‘Contact Us’, or any other methods to request for feedback removal, other than the Feedback Manager, may lead to account deactivation. Removal requests must be made within 90 days of the feedback submission. The system prevents feedback removal after 90 days.

I hope these points can help you with your resolution. The forums community is here to support you. Keep us posted with any updates!




Thanks for responding Sonny!

I actually did everything you stated - I shipped the item on time through Amazon’s Buy Shipping with tracking. I submitted a request for feedback removal through the Feedback Manager the same day that the negative feedback was left. The case is currently under investigation as of Yesterday and could take up to 3 days.


The Amazon Feedback Manager is down and not working. The Amazon representative is contacting the software team to resolve the problem but for now I have a ONE star rating because of one negative feedback from one customer. I’ve been trying to remove this negative feedback for two days.