Would this have been counted against me on Amazon?


On another website where I’m paid by PayPal, a buyer filed a complaint against me minutes after paying saying he was supposed to get $20 off for signing up for a new credit card. The buyer finally realized he did the complaint against me and closed it.

Am I correct that on Amazon this would have been counted against me even though I have nothing to do with any offers by credit card companies? Last winter a buyer admitted to giving me the wrong shipping address and Amazon insisted that would be counted against me, so I assume they would have counted this against me too.

BTW I’m not saying PayPal wouldn’t have counted this against me, the case had been under review for a few days and the buyer closed the dispute before PayPal ever responded.


I see no way the buyer could file such a claim.

You will need to explain how they could.


Simple, they open an A to Z claim and say “I was supposed to get $20 off the first purchase with my new credit card and I didn’t get it.”


And how do they do that?

And why do you think they would not lose and your metrics restored?


I don’t understand your question? Are you asking how a buyer files an A to Z claim? I wouldn’t know because I don’t buy on Amazon and therefor never had to file one. Even if I did buy on Amazon and had a problem, I wouldn’t file an A to Z claim, I would just take the loss because I know the hell it would cause to the seller.

I think they would win because on Amazon everything seems to be blamed on the seller:

-Buyer gives me wrong address and admits it? Counted against me
-Buyer obviously scams me with fake contact info and even though I have tracking proof of delivery and Amazon themselves say the buyer is scamming me? Counted against me

Those are just the two most recent disgusting examples from the last 2 years or so.


An A-Z claim needs an acceptable reason. There is none in your example.


Like I said, I don’t have a clue how to file an A to Z claim as I never have and never will file one.




I’ve been selling here for over 6 years, I’m very experienced with the seller side of things, but I refuse to buy on Amazon so I have virtually zero experience of how things work for buyers.