Would Amazon drastically improve if Seller Performance/Brand Registry/Retail Team kept their jobs/distribution contracts based on how well third parties sold products?


I often look through Amazon’s forum and there is this huge disconnect between people who own brands, people who buy from brands and sell on Amazon.

As far as the platform is concerned, the people who control basically the livelihood of everyone on the platform generally don’t seem to be connected at all from the people who take the risk of selling on Amazon’s platform.

As a result of the perceived dissonance, based on what I read through the forum, I believe that everyone who doesn’t work for Amazon becomes increasingly anxious everyday they rely more on Amazon.

Anxiety doesn’t breed the best out of people, rather it pushes people to just have a stomach for risk that might yield amazing profits or soul crushing loss. At the end of the day the result is that people always become far more dangerous or morally questionable/reprehensible.


The goal is whatever makes the most for Amazon.

Many brand registered profits do not exist for more than one order from their actual maker, and that is unlikely to change, due to low barriers to selling on the site.

Anxiety levels differ based on what you sell, and how close your business is to an undocumented Amazon model of the Amazon seller.