WONT LET ME CHANGE FROM Fulfilled by Merchant TO FBA


Ive been trying for 2 hours now to change from fulfilled by merchant to fulfilled by amazon and it won’t let me change. I placed all the vital information + more and it just says every time " The form has not been completed. Please complete the required information form".
Anyone know how to help me cause this is very annoying.


Is it asking you for an SDS form or a waiver?


It says “the form has not been completed” but doesn’t say which form and when I go all my things are perfectly ok and there is no red flags anywhere.


I stole the image from another post. You need to complete the hazmat



How do i do that?


Click on the + sign and fill out the form.


WOW thank you so much I am truly a idiot spent so many hours trying to fill stuff out


been trying to upload none dangerous goods, but my item keep on coming back to fix stranded inventory status asking to fill out the dangerous goods columns in the template. The item is “NOT DANGEROUS”. Is there an exact word to for that column? the data definitions doesn’t say anything about it.


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