I have a question….I can sell wine in amazon?



Hi @nina419100

The short answer is probably not.

Check this post for info, as well as the links: Can we sell wine on Amazon?.


I’m not sure either, but sellers can definitely whine particularly in these forums.

Do you currently sell wine outside of Amazon? Like, are you familiar with the regulations that govern its sale and distribution?


Send it over here. After a couple of bottles I’ll give you a great answer!


Wine… you have no idea about the pitfalls of selling wine , there are all kinds of interesting restrictions on which states that you can send it to…

Is this something that you have Vines and fermenting yourself?

Unless you have your own brand, your own Vineyards, your own facility for processing… I would run away from this idea…

Years ago when I was a mere child , I worked for a Tasting Room that had a grandfather licence, where they could sell, and tastes pretty much anyone’s wine…

This was in California…

I will tell you that the conventions they had downtown were awesome…

The Boys At The Bonaventure that had a suite representing suntory were brutally interesting…

Of course I’m 5-10 and a half and quite shapely and these guys were just about at booby level…


Amazon shuttered Amazon Wine 31Dec17, and AFAIK nothing has changed since I made this 11Jan18 post on this subject:

As our friend The Shelburne Country Store explains in the thread that our friend Papy linked, the regulatory minefield, and the possibility of facing exposure to fines, undoubtedly played a significant role in Amazon’s decision to exclude resellers of alcoholic goods.

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