Will purging my inventory when uploading new file purge my FBA inventory too?


This is a bit of a unique situation, but I have thousands of products listed on Amazon that are merchant fulfilled. I need to basically remove all of them and the easiest way for me to do that is to “purge” my old inventory when uploading a new file.

However I now have products listed under FBA as well.

So if I “purged” my inventory when uploading a new file with say only 1 product in it … will that purge my FBA inventory as well?


You should be able to tell your MF from your FBA. If you delete your FBA, they will all go to stranded.


If you do this, the FBA stuff will become stranded.

You will then have to add each item with the exact same SKU to get them back.

The easiest way to deal with this is go under manage inventory and sort by merchant filled.

Delete them all.


I have like 30k merchant listings so it’s not really possible to delete them all manually.

I have only 7 FBA listings. I know their skus. If i purge al inventory then add those 7 FBA back will i be back to normal? Or will it “strand” my FBA inventory?


The 7 FBA will be stranded. But you can always relist them.


Ok so if i deleted the FBA but reentered the sku it would automatically match my listing with my inventory in the warehouse?

I am not familiar with stranded


Inventory -> Manage inventory -> Fix Standard Inventory

Try it out. Best.


Sorry for the late reply but that’s a very good screenshot.

What happens when you click fix stranded? Do i just insert my sku?

Can i just take my 5 FBA skus and use them as the file i upload during purge?


What happens when you click fix stranded? Do i just insert my sku?

Yes, try that out.

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