Will not remove Feedback on FBA item


Hello, I’m not sure what to do at this point. Customer left 1 star feedback and said essentially, “We got a box that was empty, how do we send back the item”

“The entire feedback comment is about fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon.”

The item was Amazon FBA. No-brainer auto-remove right? Wrong.

After re-opening case, 2 different reps said it didn’t qualify. Case closed forever and can’t re-open.

I open an FBA case about the order and get someone on the phone. He immediately threatens a suspension for continued attempts at feedback removal of this order. (We do around 3 million a year if that matters) He goes on to say he can’t do anything, feedback team is only emails, good-bye basically.

So, now what do we do? Eat the 1 star FBA feedback even though it should be removed? Thank you.


Amazon has completely changed the feedback removal process and unless the AI bots automatically remove from the feedback manager you are out of luck whether it is their fault or not.

See the following thread and post there as many sellers are having the same issue: Unable to remove FBA feedback

They will not accept responsibility for empty packages and they will not do bin checks if the buyer receives the wrong item. I can only imagine this cuts down on support staff and frees up the warehouse workers however Amazon should really give the seller the benefit of the doubt and either remove the feedback.


Thank you for directing me to that thread. This is getting weird…


Our Super-Moderator, SusanH, posted this about this ongoing problem last week:

Three days before that, a member of our Seller Community who participates in the SAS Core Program mentioned that even the high-priced Account Managers that provides have recently had their Feedback Removal privileges revoked, and have now begun receiving the same moronic OoP responses that so many 3P Sellers are reporting for in-policy Removal Requests.

The Seller Help Content’s Can Amazon remove buyer feedback? (link), as of this writing, still specifies this:

The order was fulfilled by Amazon

The entire comment relates explicitly to fulfillment and service for an order fulfilled by Amazon. In addition to the strike-through, the following statement will appear:

This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.

The current paradigm of the Feedback Team refusing to remove improper feedback in accordance with published policy may well represent a sea-change being in the works - there’s certainly no scarcity of evidence that some (read: many) 3P & Vendor Sellers have abused the system, and Amazon demonstrably has a tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water in response to such shenanigans…

Still, at this point, I’m leaning towards the notion that the ills that are inherent in the silo-management business model (so favored by Byzantinely-complex modern bureaucracies like Amazon), exacerbated by the “Defective By Design” approach to providing customer service (leavened by the “MBA Revolution”-driven focus upon short-term gain, even at the cost of long-term sustainability) that has resulted in placing the daily operations of at least the lower echelons of Amazon’s support infrastructure in the hands of supposedly more ‘cost-effective’ outsourced & off-shored entities - most (if not all) of whom cannot boast of employing folks in their workforce that enjoy even the barest modicum of that most fundamental of all CX (“Customer Experience”) skills, simple command and actual comprehension of the Native Language employed - has simply resulted in yet-another unintended consequence.

Amazon has a lot on its plate in any given 4th Quarter, and the current political climate - foreign and domestic - is demonstrably turning up the heat in the kitchen, so it may well be unreasonable to assume that this troubling new development will be properly addressed and correctly rectified (at least, in comportance with what a reasonable and rational business owner would be likely to consider a satisfactory resolution) in any expedient fashion…

Nevertheless, Dum Spiro Spero